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08/13 19:49 <N6SPP> Great to see the "NEW K3UK" chat link going
08/12 04:04 <W7MEM> QRV for MS skeds 6-432
07/28 11:09 <WB0NRV> Test
06/10 01:15 <NE6I> AF4K FB! MSK is super fun!
05/21 17:34 <AF4K> Totally thrilled! I just made my first Meteor Scatter QSO after 49 years of ham radio. Using WSJT-X and MSK 144 mode on 50.281 MHz from Florida to NY with NA2NY what a kick!!
04/21 06:36 <W1LVL> W4RAA...thanks for the contact on 1296
04/15 12:56 <KF4YOX> Test
04/05 01:28 <KD5JHE> or better yet, join in and say hello
04/05 01:27 <KD5JHE> If anyone want to try 6//2m,, PM me on lotw page.
04/03 11:35 <N0AN-2> I'm here
04/02 03:05 <W7MEM> QRZ
04/01 22:14 <K0TPP> test
03/31 22:53 <W7MEM> QRV
03/13 12:17 <N2AMC> test
03/13 12:05 <K3JYD> Test
03/12 22:45 <KD5JHE> will be watching the LOTW page, browsing thru the site, looks good
03/12 22:42 <KD5JHE> ge all,
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