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05/01 02:05 <VA5CW> KB4QQJ - Hi, Randy. The other page does PM as well, as you know, but this one is definitely a better format, in my opinion. Both have their points. I try to log in here around 1400 UTC or so, and off and on during the day, so hope to catch you sometime..
05/01 00:19 <KB4QQJ> Hi Bill, VA5CW. I still monitor this page for the PM ability.
04/30 22:29 <VA5CW> If you happen to drop in, leave a note. We may even get a bit of a following here for some discussion, number exchange, or ragchews.
04/29 14:17 <F6HKA> VA5CW Have a nice weekend Bill 73 and see you soon
04/29 14:10 <VA5CW> I guess I shall see what is happening on 40.../ catch you another time, Bert. Take care...
04/29 14:02 <F6HKA> VA5CW I also hope it will improve.
04/29 14:01 <F6HKA> VA5CW I agree Earlier this morning I worked N3YUG on 40m at 1 watt with a nice signal.
04/29 14:00 <VA5CW> That is has. Hopefully it will improve a bit sometime soon.
04/29 13:59 <F6HKA> VA5CW Propagation has been poor for some weeks
04/29 13:53 <VA5CW> Good day, Bert. Not much happening here these days
04/29 13:49 <F6HKA> GM Bill
04/29 12:26 <VA5CW> I shall return later
04/29 02:52 <N4OW> Most new ops have no idea of correct operating procedures. Some rarely sign a call at the end of a transmission. K8NS refers to these folks as Extra/Novices.
04/28 20:32 <VA5CW> SKCC skeds and discussion. Sounds like a plan to me. I want to know why some ops insist on calling CQ over and over and over... and over... and over, before sending their call over and over and over, and then CQing again.. over and over.. it's ridiculous!!
04/28 17:21 <K8PG> screw fists.
04/24 00:48 <W9EBE> ZUT es SKCC Forever! 73 de Chip . .
04/15 02:54 <KA2FIR> test
04/10 19:16 <K2YWE> Shame they/we moved their page. It's convenient having them all in one spot. I'm not inclined to look at the other. I guess it will be just NRR and FISTS now.
04/01 14:55 <K2CYS> NEED ON 10 M: de, ga, in, ia,ky, mi, ne, mn, mo, ny, nd, oh, pa, sc, tn, ut, wv, wi
03/28 02:31 <KD2E> n3pdt...Tnx Doug...just came down to shut everything off in the shack. Lot's QRN here tonight, but you were Q5!!
03/16 12:43 <NT1K> Looking NE on CW for triple play from MA. Avail after 21z. Please E-mail NT1K@NT1K.com - Much appreciated (Just two left)
03/05 19:33 <AF4K> K4RTE - Hi Sam - sorry I missed you. I will be back on 7100 this evening... Bry
03/05 19:33 <AF4K> NF1U hello
03/04 16:39 <NF1U> nnnn
03/03 00:26 <K4RTE> CQ on 7100
03/02 16:23 <KP4GC> cq cq HB rig
03/02 14:38 <KP4GC> QRV 21.048
02/26 18:17 <VE7AOV> VE7AOV 21135kc QRV NRR
02/23 14:03 <KP4GC> Cq CQ 7.105 NRR skcc # also
02/23 09:48 <KP4GC> Cq CQ 7.110 NRR
02/21 17:55 <AG5M> Listening on 7100 NRR HW-16
02/21 15:22 <WN4NRR> K0NIA - Good morning
02/21 01:03 <WN4NRR> WD9DWE would like to get a QSO with you. People were calling you earlier. But you didn;t hear them. Slightly off your freq! You kept CQing and two were calling you.
02/20 23:30 <WD9DWE> Moved up to 7116
02/20 23:28 <WD9DWE> On 7115
02/20 21:03 <KK5NA> Great nice look!
02/20 15:08 <N4API> ************************************************************
02/20 15:07 <N4API> For N8FQ page to be blue, when you log in....Go to Profile editor.....Colors.....in the SKCC box (second from the bottom), duplicate the colors of NRR or Images or NAQCC (same color)..... Background: # 012345 Text: # f0f0f0 Hilight: # ff0088 Callsigns: # 00ff88 (What it will look like, is to the right of the SKCC box)
02/20 03:42 <N4API> ******************************************************
02/18 13:48 <WN4NRR> CQ 7114
02/18 09:13 <PI4RAG> Hi i'm looking for stations from USA & Canada for ARRLInternational DX contest
02/18 05:17 <K6III> GE SKCC Friends. I have offered an updated SKCC W.A.S. Tracking spread sheet this morning and have responded to all the email requests. This offer was also posted on the skcc@yahoogroups.com - If members would like a copy of the spread sheet, send me an email request to jerry.bliss@gmail.com
02/17 01:47 <K0IVK> I'm afraid having 2 SKCC pages will be less effective,but that's just my opinion. I like the dark color background best, because I have vision problems
02/17 00:59 <AI0F> Personally, I think this should be the "official" SKCC sked page!! It's a million times better than that black & white eye-sore they're using now!!!
02/17 00:33 <W3NP> CQ on 7105 +/- Novice Station Testing for NRR
02/17 00:33 <W3NP> n4ow - Hello Al - Your quite welcome
02/17 00:30 <N4OW> just reset the colors to the old skcc page colors -- eventually others will come back here to use the FISTS and LOTW pages that cannot be accessed on the new skcc page
02/16 09:55 <AF4K> HELLO
02/16 01:11 <AF4K> I will be using this site a lot! AND especially the NRR SKED page here for NOVICE RIG ROUNDUP!
02/16 01:10 <K5MP> Oh, okay. Thanks.........I'll go copy and see if I find something I can live with. Cheers. de mike
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