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08/12 21:32 <CX1JK> Hi
07/31 12:51 <WA2JSG> I'm back. Old computer kaput! New computer setting up
07/09 15:49 <WB9TPA> No one is home today
07/07 15:32 <WB9TPA> hmmm
06/23 14:15 <AI0F> Got to run...nice to see some folks on this page!!! I love it!! Sorry Bill....got about 15 minutes to get 20 miles....I'll be around!
06/23 14:14 <AI0F> Called you twice Bill....nothing?
06/23 14:12 <AI0F> GM Mike
06/23 14:12 <AI0F> Overall, the bands just don't seem to be in good shape :( The most activity I've had in the last 2 months has been on 6 meters!
06/23 14:12 <WI5H> AI0F GM
06/23 14:10 <AI0F> Bill...heard you on 21.054 about 339 here in MO!
06/23 13:50 <WI5H> va5cw ur 519
06/23 13:36 <WI5H> Bill we are falling back into serious situation from lack of rain.
06/23 13:35 <WI5H> Had breakfast OJ and coffee already. XYL wonders why I drink coffee in hot WX.
06/23 13:17 <WI5H> GM
06/23 03:19 <KB7EEG> Well seems nobody ever on here anymore in the evenings.. OH Well guess fishing can work too
06/22 18:41 <KB4QQJ> Making my regular check in to check PM's.
06/20 13:13 <WI5H> Dropped by but cannot hang around ... CUL
06/20 00:59 <AI0F> VA5CW - Hi Bill. I agree, but this one has so many more options available and just plain looks better!! Using this one is like watching a late model flat screen LED tv versus an old 50's black and white :( Oh well!
06/19 16:22 <AI0F> Gosh, I wish everyone would use this site...it's a thousand times better than what they're using!!
06/19 15:38 <WI5H> Dropped in, in and out today
06/15 00:28 <K2YWE> anyone on 40?
06/14 17:12 <WI5H> 73 Bill, CUL, Mike
06/14 17:08 <WI5H> You heard me QRP to start with.
06/14 16:52 <WI5H> 14.052 or 14.054?
06/14 16:45 <WI5H> Bill are you QRV?
06/14 16:18 <WI5H> We have a new AC unit here. More efficient and good thing too. It has been running a lot. Electric bill did go down even with more use of AC.
06/14 16:16 <WI5H> I was using a homemade EFHW for 40 meters tuned by homebrewed tuner to 17 meters working big time DX (hihi) from TX to AZ. Had to keep power down to no fry tuner. Finally did fry tuner but rebuildt it a little more robust.
06/14 16:06 <WI5H> I also have an old TS-130 that I purchased from an Silent Key's widow. It is a fun rig to work once in a while. I put a really narrow FT filter in it. The current picture on my QRZ.com page is me operating the 130 portable.
06/12 16:27 <W1FYL> Hearing W8IF/B Ohio on 50.079.13 from my QTH in Naples, FL
06/10 02:49 <WI5H> Glad the new antenna is shaping up. Hope to work you again soon. 73, Mike
06/06 14:23 <WI5H> ...
06/02 16:22 <WI5H> VA5CW, Bill can you feed the V with ladder line?
06/02 16:21 <WI5H> VA5CW 40 Dipole or V will work great on 15!
06/02 05:13 <VK2CRI> Testing
06/01 16:08 <WI5H> I had good luck with the HF6V, but I purchased it used for cheap when a ham mentor of mine had to move and leave it behind. I put a bunch of radials under it. 1500 ft of wire radials hihi. I would not do that again. they were all burried!
06/01 16:05 <WI5H> VA5CW Hi Bill, hope to catch you soon.
05/31 13:42 <WI5H> GM
05/30 16:23 <KA2FIR> selling it?
05/29 13:23 <KA2FIR> Hi!
05/26 15:42 <WI5H> BBL
05/26 14:58 <WI5H> 14.051
05/26 14:57 <WI5H> no coffee...OJ
05/26 14:55 <WI5H> Hanging out on 20 meters
05/25 02:21 <WI5H> GE if anyone is around
05/24 15:04 <WI5H> Working at the bench..checking from time to time
05/24 15:03 <WI5H> GM
05/21 00:59 <N6EV> 73 Bill, thanks for the QSO
05/21 00:53 <N6EV> Yep.. it was overpainted with gold paint that had started to oxidize.
05/21 00:52 <N6EV> I take it back.. I've seen one other of these... A restored left handed version owned by VK4VFX (on his QRZ bio page). He claims it to be a Wilcox. I tried to contact him but no response. I'm still convinced it's an XOGRAPH
05/21 00:49 <N6EV> Pictures of it here: http://n6ev.com/key-collection/bugs/xograph
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