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06/23 13:52 <VA5CW> You have good copy and very faint.. I have poor copy and very faint.. too much static fuzz on this end
06/23 13:52 <WI5H> Tried both antennas @100watts
06/23 13:52 <VA5CW> My signals seem to work ok heading into the WI area.
06/23 13:50 <WI5H> va5cw ur 519
06/23 13:50 <VA5CW> I do believe I hear a signal.... but no way I can copy it. VERY back in the distance.
06/23 13:47 <WI5H> On 14.058
06/23 13:47 <VA5CW> Since I revised antennas, not getting the signals I used to, but expected that
06/23 13:47 <WI5H> Goes well with coffee my friend
06/23 13:46 <VA5CW> You have the rig on, Mike?
06/23 13:45 <VA5CW> Coffee is working at it.. had a cinnamon bun... not the best breakfast
06/23 13:39 <VA5CW> our daughter in law is a Dr Pepper fan as well. Be back in a few...
06/23 13:39 <VA5CW> I can believe the situation from lack of rain...
06/23 13:38 <VA5CW> I heard that.. a blip sort of...anyway, I best go and get coffee started. Will see how 20 is sounding when I get back. Would like to try 12 meters as well
06/23 13:38 <WI5H> My XYL's drink of choice is Dr. Pepper
06/23 13:37 <WI5H> She does not drink beer either...
06/23 13:37 <VA5CW> ... and thanks for the ding... I don't think I heard it tho... va5cw
06/23 13:36 <WI5H> Bill we are falling back into serious situation from lack of rain.
06/23 13:36 <VA5CW> Same reason we drink beer in cold wx.. ha
06/23 13:35 <VA5CW> I lied.. 46f and forecast of 56F
06/23 13:35 <WI5H> Had breakfast OJ and coffee already. XYL wonders why I drink coffee in hot WX.
06/23 13:34 <VA5CW> I am pretty sure I am much cooler than you.. temp wise anyway, and we have had some rain the past few days. 56F at the moment
06/23 13:34 <WI5H> VA5CW ding! hihi
06/23 13:32 <WI5H> GM Bill. I was outside checking the XYL' s vegetable garden. Forecast high about 108 F today. Then much cooler and rain I hope!
06/23 13:32 <VA5CW> I have to look at the keyboard when I am typing... never took lessons.
06/23 13:31 <VA5CW> Oh.. there you are.. good morning, Mike
06/23 13:31 <VA5CW> WI5H - However, I am now watching this page. Next time, just make sure my call is at the front of the message and the "Ding" will alert me.... I am going to make coffee, but will be back shortly.
06/23 13:27 <VA5CW> WI5H - GM.. I was wandering the internet.
06/23 13:19 <WI5H> watching multiple pages
06/23 13:17 <WI5H> GM
06/23 03:44 <VA5CW> If the few folks that prefer this page could find a common time to log in, perhaps we can have a bit of a group happening. I like the other page, it has some nice features, but I just have one particular issue with it, so would rather use this one. I can check this one anytime... mostly. Anyone have a time preference for a regular check in?
06/23 03:19 <KB7EEG> Well seems nobody ever on here anymore in the evenings.. OH Well guess fishing can work too
06/22 18:41 <KB4QQJ> Making my regular check in to check PM's.
06/20 13:13 <WI5H> Dropped by but cannot hang around ... CUL
06/20 00:59 <AI0F> VA5CW - Hi Bill. I agree, but this one has so many more options available and just plain looks better!! Using this one is like watching a late model flat screen LED tv versus an old 50's black and white :( Oh well!
06/19 17:39 <VA5CW> AI0F - I suppose whoever feels this site is better for them can definitely use it. Trouble is, not everyone shows up at the same time, and seems most folks are tied into the other one now. I drop in and hang around off and on.
06/19 16:22 <AI0F> Gosh, I wish everyone would use this site...it's a thousand times better than what they're using!!
06/19 15:38 <WI5H> Dropped in, in and out today
06/19 14:51 <VA5CW> Dropped in... back later on
06/18 18:53 <WI5H> BBL
06/18 18:47 <WI5H> In and out today
06/18 15:23 <VA5CW> Will be around later..
06/17 14:18 <VA5CW> The new tube should put the Kenwood in business for a while yet.
06/15 20:39 <WI5H> In and out
06/15 00:28 <K2YWE> anyone on 40?
06/14 17:12 <VA5CW> 73 for now, Mike. Tnx!
06/14 17:12 <WI5H> 73 Bill, CUL, Mike
06/14 17:10 <WI5H> Using TS-870
06/14 17:10 <VA5CW> Glad to her ant is doing ok getting out... just need to get signals in better, but my location is not the best either
06/14 17:10 <WI5H> Started 5 went to 50 then 100
06/14 17:09 <WI5H> Good old days, whatever that is lokking better all the time.
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