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01/14 14:31 <KN4OK> I am soon to be back on the satellites and very active on a07. I use to be one of those most active on a07 and soon to be agn
12/13 02:25 <N3XLS> I am interested in Satellite work I hope to get on a few birds soon.
08/13 20:12 <N6SPP> hi George- i listen to the XW sats while commuting..hi , a bit of fun
08/13 20:11 <N6SPP> "Navy Oscar 84" has psk31 on it's uplink.. 28.120 +- @KHz, also
08/13 20:10 <N6SPP> I have a quick ref pdf list I'll shoot to you (last update was summer 2016)
08/13 20:09 <N6SPP> http://www.amsat.org/status/
08/13 20:09 <N6SPP> For a short list of Sat activity see:
08/13 20:08 <N6SPP> AO-7 launched in 1974, Dead in 1984, Alive in 2001-present
08/13 20:06 <N6SPP> KA1ULN- AO-7 is still active mostly Mode B now.. Mode A is 145up/29dn.. It switches from Mode A to mode B every 24 hours for the last several years.. Looks like the 145/29 transponder might be failing..
07/28 21:34 <KA1ULN> hello, how and where should I read about doing HF satellites?
04/28 00:11 <KF2T> XW2 constellation coming up soon
04/27 22:33 <KF2T> 4 stations worked before signal hit mountain :-)
04/27 22:16 <KF2T> SO-50 pass coming up for West Coast
04/27 21:48 <KF2T> W8AKS, sorry I missed you!
04/27 03:50 <NA9J> hi all bird hams
04/24 01:37 <W8AKS> Kf2t are u still on board?
04/24 01:35 <W8AKS> Nice, Tks now get some users
04/23 01:46 <KF2T> Wow! Thanks for the page.
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