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12/12 01:42 <9Z4Y> Evening, anyone in here from South Dakota? need a FT8 contact,
11/30 00:12 <KI4EZL> Evening!
11/29 17:52 <N2BR> hello anyone around
11/29 00:51 <KI4EZL> Hi. Looking for contacts.
07/07 15:29 <WB9TPA> .....
05/08 10:13 <VK2CRI> Who is the DE on chat??
05/08 10:11 <VK2CRI> How to get bacl to change colours on screen
04/21 23:52 <VK2CRI> Getting some DX on my 40M wire dipole but not today
04/21 23:39 <VK2CRI> Will concentrate on DE Have never heard it on yet i hear its the rarest of them all
04/04 10:40 <AF4K> CQ OLIVIA 3582.5 kHz with 8-500 mode...
04/04 10:40 <AF4K> W5IQS - yes, WN4NRR is me, Evan!
03/26 11:07 <KD5JHE> scott
03/26 11:07 <KG2S> One last try... Lost him somewhere in the early morning noise
03/26 11:07 <KD5JHE> going back to the lotw page
03/26 11:05 <KD5JHE> fb scott, now if i can just drag a VT out of 30m jt9,hihi
03/26 11:05 <KG2S> Hmmm. Lost the LY2. Trying again.
03/26 11:03 <KG2S> Fish on... Had a LY2 station answer me.
03/26 11:03 <KD5JHE> r, hope for best, maybe set refresh to 45 seconds?? you guys computers too fast,lol
03/26 11:02 <KG2S> Yup, Internet Explorer
03/26 11:01 <KG2S> Tossing out a CQ on 30M to see if I can grab one of the Europeans
03/26 11:01 <KD5JHE> ie = explorer? i using that
03/26 11:00 <KG2S> I switched over to IE to see if it changes anything.
03/26 10:59 <KD5JHE> ok, i dont know what to say,, Dan any problems on ur end, help us out
03/26 10:58 <KG2S> Hi Dan
03/26 10:58 <KD5JHE> rob is here
03/26 10:58 <AB1NJ> yes same thing happens here
03/26 10:58 <KD5JHE> dan is here, gm
03/26 10:58 <KG2S> The refresh preferences seem be the same for all of the boards.
03/26 10:58 <AB1NJ> test
03/26 10:58 <KD5JHE> got ur hello 59 plus
03/26 10:57 <KD5JHE> scott is here
03/26 10:57 <KG2S> Hello?
03/26 10:57 <KD5JHE> i here
03/12 22:47 <KD5JHE> I'm just getting on this site. Will be watching LOTW page. PM for skeds
02/28 01:56 <W5IQS> WN4NRR is that you Bry? de Evan in Texas
02/08 03:45 <WN4NRR> OPEN TO RAGCHEW any time you see me on here!
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