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08/17 00:23 <KA1ULN> august feld hell sprint aug 19 (this saturday)
08/17 00:22 <KA1ULN> https://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/Home/contests/sprints/gridlocsprint
08/15 04:28 <N6SPP> FH#204 here :)
07/28 21:35 <KA1ULN> https://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/Home/contests/sprints/full-day-of-hell-sprint
07/28 21:35 <KA1ULN> feld hell is having a FULL DAY OF HELL JULY 29 (yes that is tomorrow saturday) please join us.. it is an awesome digital mode
05/20 23:55 <KB8ECG> clq cq Feld Hell 10.143
04/27 22:16 <KB8ECG> Is this the place to get Feld Hell training? :-)
03/27 13:16 <K3UK> qrv
02/27 21:47 <K7LOL> Looking for MA, VT, DE on 20m sstv
02/17 10:15 <K7LOL> Watching 14230 Khz sstv
02/14 00:34 <KA1ULN> <<< ready for FELD HELL qso..... check https://sites.google.com/site/feldhellclub/
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