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04/29 19:28 <N3PDT> W5IQS, AF4K. I'd be happy to help "promote" another event. I slacked on the last two Mondays due to work, but when I was reminding folks on the SKCC and NRR facebook pages, we generated a little more interest.
04/28 22:48 <AF4K> Have you been participating n the NRR EVENT every Monday evening from 6 pm Loacl time and all evening long??
04/28 22:48 <AF4K> EVAN - you are welcome to organize it and I will 100% support the event and participate. As you may have read on the NRR Facebook or Yahoo Group - I can't take on running NRR 2018 and we need help - two guys have volunteered to keep the ball rolling whoich is great.
04/27 14:29 <W5IQS> I am ready for some more NRR events. Come on Bry, give us a scheduled event for May !!! I will even go for a single weekend event! de Evan in Texas
04/21 22:16 <AF4K> CQ CQ CQ 5332 kHz cw
04/18 04:23 <N6EV> I'm on a business trip this week, so I'm off air until the weekend. 73
04/18 01:34 <N3PDT> Hi John! I'm not sure anyone is promoting it, but it's NRN for me!
04/18 00:56 <N9RLO> is this not Novice Rig night?
04/17 01:17 <N3PDT> Hello everyone!
04/16 12:20 <AF4K> GM ALL
04/16 02:04 <N9RLO> well, my knee is hurting so I guess I'll call it a night. goodnight all and 73. John
04/16 01:55 <N9RLO> K2YWE hi Dan, upper part of 40m not vry good here, S9 noise level.
04/16 01:50 <K2YWE> VA5UMI is on 7118
04/16 01:46 <K2YWE> I hear a CQ in the noise on 7117 but can't make out the call
04/16 01:41 <K2YWE> 7117 quiet here
04/16 01:35 <N9RLO> yeah, I called you and then KD2KRG in NY called me.
04/16 01:15 <N6EV> I can barely hear you in there. But can tell it's you.
04/16 01:14 <N6EV> May be a bit early for 40 meter long haul here. The sun is still up.
04/16 01:14 <N9RLO> yeah, I was on 3559 and no luck
04/16 01:13 <N6EV> Ok there now
04/16 01:12 <N9RLO> I'm on 7117
04/16 01:12 <N6EV> I was calling CQ on 20 meters for about 15 minutes ending at the top of the hour. Great reports from RBN, but no fish in the sea
04/16 01:11 <N6EV> Hi John.. yes
04/16 01:09 <N9RLO> N6EV hi Paul, are you still here?
04/16 00:35 <N9RLO> nil.
04/16 00:30 <N9RLO> cq on 3559 kc
04/15 12:24 <AF4K> Sorry that I missed you guys on 3590 last night - that would have been fun!
04/15 12:24 <AF4K> HI - is anyone going to be running their novice rigs today? My Drake 2NT and 2C station is ready if you are!!
04/14 02:11 <N9RLO> Gonna pull the switch and get ready to hit the sack. Goodnight all and 73. John
04/14 01:58 <AI6II> now in qso with KF6RMK es other
04/14 01:54 <N3PDT> AI6II Listening now.
04/14 01:50 <AI6II> Anyone listening on 80 meters? I am on 3.590 MHz ..mike
04/14 01:40 <N9RLO> N3PDT that's ok doug, my knee bothers me if I sit at the desk too long. That was a job switching over to tx, turning on the VFO, turning down the RF gain, and then adjusting the volumn. thanks Doug and c u l. 73, John
04/14 01:30 <N3PDT> N9RLO Thanks again John. Sorry my old wrist started barking.
04/14 00:23 <N9RLO> N3PDT HI Doug! I'll be on after supper in a few min.
04/14 00:19 <N3PDT> Hello everyone! CQ 7.112 +/-
04/13 23:07 <N9RLO> does anyone live here anymore?
04/12 02:07 <VE3LYX> everyone gone to bed? bandis quiet on the sdr webite somight be the moment on 7027.4
04/12 01:28 <VE3LYX> KW Amp as the band dropped out. It growled at me. :>)
04/12 00:41 <K2YWE> 40 is nicely open to EU right now. You can might work John ON4UN on 7010. He has very good ears.
04/12 00:39 <K2YWE> VE3LYX - Ha, ha. Yes Don, I turned on the KW Amp as the band dropped out.
04/11 23:35 <KK4QAM> VE3LYX, Magloops are very good on receive. They are bi-directional across the loop. You can rotate them to eliminate any side interference. Sort of like a beam that points both directions. I'll try to get on later.
04/11 23:23 <VE3LYX> Going on at 8PM EDT or 37 minutes
04/11 18:29 <VE3LYX> going to fire up at 3pm same freq if open
04/11 17:05 <VE3LYX> K2YWE, I'll say! Tnx very much. Made my day. At the last did you add some power or turn on the big rig?
04/11 14:39 <K2YWE> V3LDX - That was fun Don
04/11 12:34 <VE3LYX> 40M is wide Open I am going to try!
04/11 11:11 <VE3LYX> BTW, Next time we tr I am going to send VVV VVV VVV very slow. I have learned it stands outas it is different
04/11 11:08 <VE3LYX> Got tangled. ..on a seperate Tx and RX I never use my Tx antenna for RXing. An Rx only can be so much quieter as in a loop or low mounted beverage atenna. A beverage is sometimes so quiet you think it isnt working
04/11 11:06 <VE3LYX> What is the MAg loop like for receiving? Anytime I am on a seperate Txand RX I never use my TX ato switch ant for rxing. I use a knife switch DTSP to change and also to disconnect when not in use. So simple , so easy and so effective. We willhave to try a triple D contact again.
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