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10/24 01:53 <K9FH> [NRR Activity Nite] FB ragchew with Will, W8WB
10/21 13:16 <KW3U> 3708 now using old large radiomarine xtal cool
10/18 13:10 <AF4K> NEW RULES are POSTED FOR NRR 2018!!!! See: http://NoviceRigRoundup.com
10/18 03:47 <KA0AAM> Band is dead. . .I give up.
10/17 00:59 <K9FH> [Monday Activity night.] Weak sigs, QSB & marginal QSO's with unknown stations for second night in a row. Time to go read a book.
10/14 17:51 <VE3LYX> Testing a chip osc (7400) on 14.310 mhz. (Only crystal I have for 20m) have just over a qtr watt.
10/10 00:49 <K9FH> NRR Monday Activity Nite score: 3 victims, all in a row. N5MZX, N5URL and AH6EZ/W7 again.
10/07 22:51 <VE3LYX> 20m is wide open 14060
10/03 04:39 <K9FH> Victim #2 was AH7EZ/W7 in WA. just a few mins ago. I'm QRT now.
10/03 03:10 <KA0AAM> I got tired of CQing.
10/03 03:09 <KA0AAM> Must be nice, the band is completey dead for me. . .for the last hour and half. ka0aam
10/03 02:34 <K9FH> 'Tis NRR monday activity night. Victim#1 was KN4FVY, Ashville, NC
09/26 21:19 <AF4K> cq cq cq 14055.........................
09/26 02:36 <N6EV> I'm calling it a night here too. Up early to get back to work. 73 Phil. Thanks for my CW fix for the evening. 'dit dit'
09/26 02:34 <K9FH> alf Moon Bay sounds exotic :) Band condx deteriorationg again for sigs from Darron, Wa5TCZ. Time to call it a nite.
09/26 02:33 <N6EV> If you ever want to check west coast propagation
09/26 02:33 <N6EV>
09/26 02:29 <N6EV> (Receiver in Half Moon Bay, CA, below SF)
09/26 02:28 <N6EV> Hearing you very well on 7.112
09/26 02:19 <K9FH> Hi Paul. Just wrked W7ARE in Lewiton, ID and then the band started to go out like it usually does this time of nit. 73 Paul de Phil K9FH
09/26 01:47 <N6EV> Hearing N5IXA calling CQ on 7.110
09/26 01:43 <N6EV> Hi Phil. I'm stuck in Florida on a business trip again. But listening to 40 mtrs on the KFS SDR website
09/26 01:27 <K9FH> Worked Bill in Syracuse with his novice style callsign of KN2CZZ.
09/26 00:57 <K9FH> Good QSO with Randy, N5IXA
09/25 23:50 <K9FH> Snagged AD9Y on 7120kHz. 4th Region Net is active on 7117.
09/19 13:06 <KW3U> 3560 cqing
09/19 02:47 <K9FH> Victim #1 was KB1WOD.
09/19 01:34 <K9FH> Looking for victims.
09/12 12:55 <VE3LYX> 1810khz now
09/12 03:59 <K9FH> Victim #1 tonight was Bob, AJ4JA near Atlanta with his FB 10 watt HB rig.
09/12 02:49 <K9FH> http://radio-relay.org/bulletin-update-hurricane-irma-update-11-sept-2017/ mentions 7115 as an IATN watch frequency
09/12 02:33 <K9FH> Radio Relay International (RRI) using 7115 for traffic from Florida tonight.
09/05 02:53 <K9FH> Victim #3 was Bob, WB4IEA with a booming signal from KY on a Drake 2NT
09/05 02:22 <K9FH> NRR activity night (despite the holiday). Two QSOs logged. Looking for more victims.
09/03 14:10 <AF4K> QRV today Sunday on 20m thru 6m
09/02 14:49 <N8XI> Test 1 2 3 4
09/02 14:08 <KU8L> Sent a PM Rick N8XI
09/02 01:52 <VE3LYX> Anyone around to nite?
09/01 10:53 <N8XI> Guess it wont work if I send the PM. Will see what happens when someone else sends one
09/01 10:49 <N8XI> Asked how to sent PMs to my cell phone Emailed Jill N8FQ...its in Profile>>Preferences ☑️ Forward new PM's to Email
08/31 01:14 <VE3LYX> Too busy. Going qrt. Cant find a hole
08/31 01:04 <VE3LYX> 7052 busy trying 7111 but have to use the hartley as I have no crystal for that
08/31 00:41 <VE3LYX> It is so nad when business interferes with pleasure
08/30 20:37 <N6EV> I'm on company travel all week. I should be on the air Sunday. 73 Paul
08/30 16:51 <VE3LYX> AF4K I am out to night till 9 pm but will chrck as soon as I am home.
08/30 11:11 <VE3LYX> Mine is a temp repair but working
08/30 02:39 <AF4K> Good night fellas!! 73
08/30 02:32 <AF4K> Hello all !! Don, sorry I could not get on... I hope to fix my antenna tomorrow morning!!
08/29 22:59 <VE3LYX> Last try 1810khz
08/29 22:50 <VE3LYX> Ok trying 3564khz on 1943 breadboard rig
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