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08/16 12:29 <N8XI> Heard KD9ILK in the mud come back to me..I think. Oh well, I tried
08/16 12:22 <N8XI> CQ 7114
08/15 13:32 <KW3U> getting started on 7111/7112 j
08/15 05:16 <N6EV> FB on catching Gary KF7WNS. At least we didn't get shut out tonight! 73
08/15 05:14 <K9FH> GN Paul
08/15 05:14 <K9FH> Just snagged Gary, KF6WNS on 7112. Saw his CQ on RBN but he was vy weak tonite. Used QRO for QSO.
08/15 05:13 <N6EV> Time to turn in here Phil. 73 till next time. 'dit dit'
08/15 05:01 <N6EV> Wow, he was running 5 watts and an indoor ramdom wire antenna.
08/15 04:50 <K9FH> Congrats Paul. The olde Novice freqs get no respect
08/15 04:41 <N6EV> Caught a fish on the first try. KA6JLT in Reno
08/15 04:38 <N6EV> CQ 7.057 trying lower in the band
08/15 04:30 <N6EV> Thanks Phil. It was challenging with the QSB. Also had to chase your sig a bit with the narrow filter
08/15 04:26 <K9FH> TNX QSO, Paul. Condx still poor. Maybe that's as good as it gets.
08/15 04:20 <N6EV> Managed an exchange with Phil, K9FH
08/15 04:15 <N6EV> SPOT - K9FH around 7,122 on his DX20 I think
08/15 03:47 * N6EV CQ NRR Monday - 7.123
08/15 03:37 <N6EV> Here for Monday night Madness!
08/15 00:05 <N8XI> How does one set up a Profile/Alert to my cell phone?
08/15 00:03 <N8XI> Always too late or too early...Oh well gonna play astronomy in awhile see ya!
08/14 17:07 <AF4K> Someone has a broken rig or key making wierd noises on 14050 so I slid up half a kHz.
08/14 16:59 <AF4K> Yes the bands are all poor today so far...
08/14 16:59 <AF4K> cq cq cq
08/14 03:37 <N6EV> Thanks for trying Phil. Guess conditions are just lousy when QRO/QRO is marginal
08/14 03:31 <N6EV> Going to bump up the power to QRO Phil. Help out that 339 you just gave me
08/14 03:25 <N6EV> I agree. I keep having to remind myself when I tune across a 'dead' band that there are probably a bunch of other guys doing the same. Sometimes you gotta be the fish and not the fisherman.
08/14 03:19 <K9FH> Hi Paul. Thanks for being there and calling CQ. I get lazy most times and just listen. We need more folks to call CQ and keep trying. There's people out there - eventually.
08/14 03:05 <N6EV> K9FH - Evening Phil. thanks for the QSO last night
08/14 00:08 <K9FH> Lots of 40m activity with 4 States QRP Group Second Sunday Sprint happening now for 2 hours
08/12 15:30 <N6EV> CQ 7.115 60W Drake 2-NT / 2-C
08/12 15:13 <N6EV> I'm QRV 7.115 Evan
08/12 15:09 <N6EV> W5IQS be right back , gotta reboot
08/12 14:57 <W5IQS> W5IQS QRV on 40 M with Century 21 @ 30W
08/12 03:32 <N6EV> CQ 7.123 w/ new Drake 2NT and 2C setup
08/08 04:50 <N6EV> Here late evening. Available 40 and 80 mtrs
08/08 01:11 <KU8L> another monday nite....
08/04 08:39 <AF4K> KU8L - thanks
08/04 00:45 <KU8L> ZL2BLQ/ SKCC on 14.049 strong into MI
08/03 02:58 <KA0AAM> Listening on 40m around 7122. until 10:30 cst
08/02 12:20 <KW3U> testing a xtal on 3517 kc abt 25 w
08/02 10:59 <AF4K> Good morning all !!
08/01 01:24 <N6EV> finally got the guy's call. WB8APR - according to his QRZ bio, he's running a homebrew MOPA with 6AG7 / 807 final 75W [x]
08/01 01:24 <KU8L> Interesting signal :)
08/01 01:17 <N6EV> Going to break for dinner. I'll be back later after sun down. 73
08/01 01:07 <KU8L> getting better...just wrked KP3W
08/01 01:07 <N6EV> Just came across a nice chirply signal on 7.068. not sure the call yet
08/01 00:48 <N6EV> Same here.. in the noise. Band short
08/01 00:46 <KU8L> W2 MJN srong now on 7120 talking to KE8DNU
08/01 00:45 <KU8L> No Not me Paul. I can hear someone there but vy weak here. I've just been scanning around. Still daylight here so probably wont hear much long for a while
08/01 00:43 <N6EV> KU8L - Curt, is that you I hear on 7.120?
07/31 01:22 <KU8L> No one around? 40m is in pretty fair shape this evening. Noise dropped down a lot with the Sun. Will check Monday PM
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