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06/22 23:38 <K4RTE> good evening
06/21 04:26 <N3PDT> Just got home here. Missed you by a few, Bobby.
06/21 03:33 <AK4JA> Anyone else on? de AK4JA
06/20 05:31 <N3PDT> G'nite Paul 73.
06/20 05:29 <N6EV> Ha! No problem. My 'go to bed' alarm is about to buz. Nice seeing you. I'm headed for bed. 73
06/20 05:25 <N3PDT> N6EV Hi Paul. Dozing off here.
06/20 05:08 <N6EV> Nice Left Coast European opening on 20 at the moment
06/20 05:08 <N6EV> N3PDT - Evening Doug
06/20 04:34 <W7PAZ> Headin' thataway --> Good night.
06/20 04:17 <N6EV> just worked a few lower in the band.. but no NRRites
06/20 04:02 <W7PAZ> N6EV - Thanks for the QSO, Paul. Good signal here.
06/20 03:33 <N6EV> Thanks for the NRR Mondays QSO Dan.. that was great
06/20 03:19 <N6EV> just popped in a 7.123 rock Tunning up
06/20 03:18 <W7PAZ> N6EV Nice! 58 watts out
06/20 03:17 <N6EV> Just heard you.. very loud here
06/20 03:16 <W7PAZ> N6EV Drake 2NT and R-4B
06/20 03:16 <W7PAZ> N6EV I'm at 7120 now. Someone calling CQ NRR. K2?
06/20 03:15 <N6EV> I have the Ranger / Mohawk lit up tonight
06/20 03:15 <N6EV> Not too bad here. Listening somewhere around 7.120 as the tubes warm up
06/20 03:14 <W7PAZ> N6EV - Lots of QRN here tonight on 40m
06/20 03:11 <N6EV> Back from dinner
06/20 02:37 <W7PAZ> N6EV Yes. I already have it. Works FB. I've been cleaning it up a bit and I'm going to check all the alignment specs soon.
06/20 02:36 <N6EV> Uggh.. XYL just rang the dinner bell. Sorry Dan. I'll be on the air later tonight 40/80 mtrs
06/20 02:35 <N6EV> Was that the one with the calibrator included?>
06/20 02:32 <N6EV> Oh wow, nice! Yeah I saw that one too.
06/20 02:32 <W7PAZ> N6EV - Same here on the Hayseed kit with the 2B.
06/20 02:31 <W7PAZ> N6EV - ...and the only reason you beat me to it was that I was slobbering over that nice 2B that was up for grabs at the same time as your 2C. I grabbed the 2B.
06/20 02:29 <W7PAZ> N6EV - That is a very clean receiver with the box. I usually look for quality first then think about price. Price usually doesn't bother me if I'm getting something nice. I think you got an excellent receiver there.
06/20 02:27 <N6EV> And I've already ordered the Hayseed Cap kit.. so I should be ready to hit the ground running with it when it arrives!
06/20 02:27 <N6EV> I just bought a little aftermarket 100/50/25 KHz marker generator to use with it since it doesn't have the calibrator
06/20 02:25 <N6EV> HI Dan.. thanks. I was watching it for quite a while and figured I might as well attempt to get it at the market rate. Definitely not the lowest price seen, but on par with nice units.
06/20 02:20 <W7PAZ> N6EV - Nice buy on that 2C on eBay. I was watching it.
06/20 00:16 <K2YWE> What's cooking?
06/19 02:33 <N3PDT> No 2Nt yet anyway. Hope to catch you later.
06/19 02:33 <N6EV> Anyway.. I'll be back in a while. 73 if I don't catch you again tonight.
06/19 02:32 <N6EV> Do you have a 2NT to go along with it? I picked up a 2NT a couple months ago. Will be a great pairing
06/19 02:32 <N6EV> Very cool! I inquired with Bry on that 2C of his. I missed out! But made the Ebay deal soon after he notified me his was sold.
06/19 02:31 <N6EV> I gotta back out for a bit to eat some steaks that just came off the BBQ. Back a bit later. 73
06/19 02:31 <N3PDT> hi Paul! Wow, I just bought a 2C from Bry and am listening to it now! Ha.
06/19 02:29 <N6EV> I just bought that Drake 2C with original box on Ebay. Buy-it-now price was supper high. Made offer and came to a mutually beneficial price. It looks near mint!
06/19 02:27 <N6EV> Happy Fathers Day if that applies (doesn't here)
06/19 02:27 <N6EV> N3PDT - Evening Doug
06/19 01:52 <N3PDT> Hi everybody!
06/18 16:10 <K8LJG> NO One here ..........
06/18 13:17 <AF4K> CQ 28.050
06/18 13:10 <AF4K> hello all
06/13 17:44 <K2YWE> QRV 160-6
06/10 19:12 <N6EV> Active in SKCC WES w/ heavy iron 34 tubes Xtal controlled
06/05 22:57 <KI4ODO> Well, managed one contact with Rich W9RAC with the old Century 21,,,,more thunder. Storms keep rolling by. QRT for the night.
06/05 22:03 <AG5M> Hanging around 7 and 21 MHz now, not a signal to be heard out here in WA. A couple very weak ones on 14 MHz. Hope things get better tonight.
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