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03/26 04:43 <N3PDT> The one "problem" with a bunch of old guys reliving their Novice experience, is that they can't sty up past 10pm anymore!! Hahahaha - N3PDT
03/26 01:47 <N9RLO> Too many Canadian SSB contesters on. c u all tomorrow. 73, John
03/26 00:41 <N9RLO> on the T-50/Xtal cq on 7.107.5
03/25 22:32 <VE3LYX> Going back down with the longfellow on 40M got a 7030 rock in at the moment can go to 7050 in 5 kc steps. Plan is to be on at 7pm EDT or in a half hour
03/25 20:03 <AF4K> Trans-equatoral Prop is working well on 10m. I worked several stations in Brazil and Argentina...
03/25 19:48 <VE3LYX> Band was pretty active this afternoon. I dragged out my longfellow and hve a 7030 in the hole waiting for a contact.
03/25 15:19 <VE3LYX> I am going down to the vintage shack in a few minutes. Where should I listen?
03/25 10:37 <AF4K> N9RLO - sorry that I missed you! I was on 40m earlier and made a contact or two.
03/25 10:36 <AF4K> Any events this weekend? I have my Drake 2NT and 2C ready!
03/25 00:03 <VE3LYX> 40M is WIDE OPEN. Heard W8 and EA3 s at equal strength. Been awhile since I heard a Spanish station on 40M
03/24 18:36 <VE3LYX> 7146 in 10 minutes and every 30 min till 5 pm EDT
03/24 14:36 <VE3LYX> one more in a few minutes
03/24 12:58 <VE3LYX> 15 to and 15 after the hour 7146 approx Am or CW till 11 this morning . QRPp
03/24 02:01 <N6EV> Gnight John. 73
03/24 01:59 <N9RLO> Well, I'm tired and Old Arthur's bothering me so I'll say goodnite. c u all tomorrow. 73, John
03/24 01:55 <N9RLO> I had a good qso with KC0UFB in MO. he had a good strong sig for 50 watts and cut through the noise pretty well.
03/24 01:50 <N9RLO> I've got an s9 noise level
03/24 01:35 <AF4K> VE3LYX - OK tried calling you 15 miutes or so. No problem though. I realize some times we all have to be gone, hi hi! Talk with you sooon Don!
03/24 01:16 <N6EV> Listening there now John. I can hear you, but it's a 239 copy. Sun is still up here and the band hasn't fully transitioned
03/24 01:10 <N9RLO> hi all, I'm sending CQ with the T-50/xtal on 7.107.5
03/24 00:55 <VE3LYX> Distracted? No I keep my word. If Ur working lane say hi for me. he is a friend
03/24 00:51 <VE3LYX> I am bangin away. Stayed on 7120 till 8:15. Must not be a good night. Heard diddly on 7145. Did here someone strong tune up before on 7120 and got my hopes up. Then they never came back. Anyway Do not dispair . It will happen.
03/24 00:19 <AF4K> working N8AFT on 7107 now
03/24 00:15 <AF4K> VE3LYX where/d ya go??
03/24 00:11 <AF4K> hearing K4EQ on 7122 but that is all now
03/24 00:09 <AF4K> VE3LYX no answer. Want totry 7120?
03/24 00:08 <AF4K> 7145 khz - calling you now
03/23 23:47 <VE3LYX> I am going down in a minute. How about I put the monster on 7120 +or- till 8.05. Then I will switch to 7146 with the peanut whistle which i am sure you wont hear
03/23 23:01 <AF4K> I can be on in a little while. Is anyone else around?
03/23 11:37 <VE3LYX> Band is supposed to be fair to good today so i will be fooling around on or about 7146 with a new peanut whistle. Both CW and AM . maybe two watts if I am lucky. around 930 EDT (breakfast with the lad right now
03/22 20:27 <VE3LYX> Testing new hb AM rig on 7146 approx. QRPp willalso send some CW. 430 pm
03/22 11:32 <VE3LYX> will be in the shack this morning monitoring 3542
03/22 01:01 <VE3LYX> Worked a KA2. Played on 80M then went to 7120 and called till my wirst got sore. anyway not a wsted night so all is good. Oder Alles gud.
03/21 23:19 <VE3LYX> I think I wil put the breadboard on 3542 approx. If itis busy i will try 3563 aprox. It has a enough power so we will see how it goes. I will send a slow VVV VVV VVV de VE3LYX which is usually easy to pick out
03/21 22:52 <AF4K> Almost 7 PM EDST... anyone for a QSO?
03/21 21:23 <AF4K> I should be on the air also. Let's chat. What freq in 80m Don?
03/21 21:23 <AF4K> Yo
03/21 20:28 <VE3LYX> Im back Yup I will be actiive this evening.
03/21 19:42 <AF4K> K4RTE hi Sam. Sorry I missed you yesterday. I shoiuld be on later today...
03/21 19:41 <AF4K> Nice going Don. Will you be on this evening?
03/21 16:56 <VE3LYX> Gotta go play fiddle again. back about 4 and will look here first (like I always do)
03/21 11:49 <VE3LYX> Im up. Anyone playing?
03/21 02:54 <N6EV> Dinner break. I'll be back around 0400Z on 80 mtrs
03/21 02:44 * N6EV CQ 7120
03/21 02:42 <VE3LYX> Tried 7120 with the monster. Got a VE4. It as been a long time since I logged a VE4 station. Probably 20 years.
03/21 02:12 <N6EV> Hi Sam - Ken and I are done on 7120
03/21 02:05 <N6EV> Working Ken WB0VPS on 7.120 at the moment
03/21 02:02 <K4RTE> GE Bry
03/21 00:00 <VE3LYX> RU still there?
03/20 23:45 <AF4K> OK only two stations showed up for NRR evening so far. I guess this is gonna flop. Maybe Monday night football is on?
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