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03/26 03:07 <N4UFO> Yeah, I don't use SSB a lot, hence the preference for a hand mic that doesn't take up hald my small desk. X^D
03/26 03:06 <N4UFO> I called you about twice on it... apparently there is a contester on frequency that I cna't hear.
03/26 03:06 <WA4STO> N4UFO yup i just can't do ssb. GIMMEE a set of paddles! har har. 73 for now OT, stay cool
03/26 03:05 <N4UFO> Okay... listen to other mic for me please..
03/26 03:04 <N4UFO> Like you were there and then you weren't, Luck
03/26 03:04 <WA4STO> n4ufo i just couldnt function. microphone circuitry flaky. sorry. copied u fine though
03/26 03:01 <WA4STO> n4ufo r r u call me now
03/26 03:00 <N4UFO> 7252.5??
03/26 03:00 <WA4STO> N4UFO yah, cussed contest
03/26 02:59 <N4UFO> I can't find an open spot on 40... =^P
03/26 02:59 <WA4STO> N4UFO freq on 40??
03/26 02:58 <N4UFO> Great! that was the new mic. FT-847 yeasu... stock hand mic is dynamic. Ordered a replacment mic from China put an electret element in it and it was fine... until the PTT started acting up. This new mic is from Great Britain.
03/26 02:57 <WA4STO> N4UFO by the way, your audio was fine.
03/26 02:56 <WA4STO> n4ufo ok freq?
03/26 02:56 <N4UFO> How about giving 40m a try?
03/26 02:56 <N4UFO> Maybe that wasn't you I was hearing... got nothing now.
03/26 02:55 <WA4STO> n4ufo youre not hearing me at all
03/26 02:54 <N4UFO> Sure, go ahead...
03/26 02:54 <WA4STO> N4UFO well you dont hear ME cuz I hadnt spoken yet. but i hear your report. ready for mine?
03/26 02:52 <WA4STO> N4UFO ok i be there now
03/26 02:51 <N4UFO> I was being old school... 1872 kHz.
03/26 02:51 <N4UFO> I barely hear you Luck
03/26 02:50 <WA4STO> N4UFo wait. 1872 isnt a freq.
03/26 02:50 <WA4STO> N4UFO oh 1872. yes. call me now
03/26 02:50 <WA4STO> N4UFO yup. now, gimmee a freq!!
03/26 02:49 <WA4STO> N4UFo it's just that I dont know how I'm gonna LOG this QSO. I've got five bajillion instances of N4UFO already in it. No room!
03/26 02:46 <WA4STO> N4UFO I'm tuned up *amazingly* what freq?>
03/26 02:43 <WA4STO> N4UFO well, yes, with an extreme amount of help from the Palstar tuner, I can manage. Maybe.
03/26 02:41 <WA4STO> N4UFO ! GORSH DURN, man, surprise the TAR out of me why dontcha?
03/26 02:17 <KF2T> WA4STO awesome! nice to have a reserve
03/26 02:15 <WA4STO> KF2T was way out in the county last week searching for a guy to sell me bales of straw. Found him. Asked him if he knew where I could find some firewood to cut. "Over there" he sez. I looked and there must have been 300 elms. I'm good for five years now.
03/26 02:14 <WA4STO> KF2T corn's all chopped down now so no breakfast sorry.
03/26 02:06 <KF2T> Only for breakfast!
03/26 02:01 <WA4STO> Anybody need Nebraska?
03/26 01:41 <WL7CG> Not really. No T-storms here.
03/26 01:38 <KF2T> Been so long since I was up your way, is summer QRN a problem?
03/26 01:37 <WL7CG> I have gotten 16 on 160, actually been better than 80 lately.
03/26 01:35 <KF2T> Need one more state on 6, one more entity on 80. Wonder which one first?
03/26 01:32 <WL7CG> 80 has been tough for me. Just got MA, that's close to VT :)
03/26 01:31 <KF2T> jealous of east coast working all the EU on 80m. season winding down
03/26 01:29 <WL7CG> 17 was open to the west. 30 seems good. Haven't looked at anything else yet.
03/26 01:27 <KF2T> Cool! How conditions up there tonight?
03/26 01:25 <WL7CG> KF2T I just sent an email to K1LOL. I could see Russ a bit ago.
03/26 01:24 <KF2T> K1LOL and N1GB in log here 30m JT9, Alan
03/26 01:23 <KF2T> FB Alan!
03/26 01:22 <WL7CG> One more state left for 30M JT9 - VT
03/26 01:16 <KF2T> Hey Luck, say hi to Mike next time you see him. We've presented together a couple times. For right $$ would work in 06111
03/26 01:15 <KF2T> Howdy all
03/26 01:10 <WL7CG> Russ - I see you on 30 JT9. Just got ND.
03/26 00:55 <N1ADM> nite all. CUL.
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