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08/16 21:25 <AB1NJ> tnx Marty, been a long time since I've chased WAS, definitely fun :-)
08/16 21:25 <NR0Q> I love how TQSL occasionally forgets what contacts have already been uploaded out of my WSJT.adi file and decides to just dump all 300+ Qs to the system
08/16 21:23 <W8AKS> Ab1nj congrats. That is so nice
08/16 21:20 <KJ4DHF> Just had a talk with LOTW user and he never uploaded until the new tqsl config file was released so there are gremlins at HQ. So I guess for all our botched contacts it time to keep hunting as they never going to say it on their end.
08/16 21:19 <AB1NJ> tnx Matt
08/16 21:19 <AB1NJ> tnx Tim
08/16 21:19 <NR0Q> yay, congratulations Rob
08/16 21:17 <KJ4DHF> congrats Rob
08/16 21:15 <AB1NJ> I just worked K1TOL on 6m for ME so that should give me the 50 as soon as lotw catches up.
08/16 21:07 <NR0Q> haha
08/16 21:07 <W8AKS> Wasn't me, I didn't do it, coach
08/16 21:06 <NR0Q> I'm the one that slowed it down on Monday, I uploaded 2500 Qs in about an hour
08/16 21:03 <KJ4DHF> LoL
08/16 21:03 <NR0Q> LOTW is running behind again, someone must have dumped their life history of logbooks today 2017-08-16 20:59:23 482 29,334 13,098,298 2017-08-16 19:52:49 (0d 01h 06m 34s ago)
08/16 21:02 <NR0Q> ha, those are kinda close, at least on the same planet
08/16 20:58 <KJ4DHF> well so far calling for WV get Ukraine & Spain
08/16 20:51 <W8AKS> Log uploaded
08/16 20:40 <NR0Q> ah ok
08/16 20:39 <KJ4DHF> 2 of the AK I got Les now watching for Alan
08/16 20:39 <KJ4DHF> only a few Alan
08/16 20:39 <NR0Q> 2?
08/16 20:37 <KJ4DHF> Matt that one of the 2
08/16 20:37 <WL7CG> Do they look before calling CQ?
08/16 20:35 <WL7CG> Where is the rare DX NE station?
08/16 20:35 <NR0Q> I hope I don't wear out the CQ button here
08/16 20:35 <KJ4DHF> nice did not even send me my rpt
08/16 20:34 <KJ4DHF> Matt i see them also thats y i say AK not enough room for both calls
08/16 20:32 <NR0Q> haha see 2 of you on there now
08/16 20:32 <NR0Q> 203130 -18 0.6 1602 ~ cq ak kj4dhf fm17 ~u.s.a.
08/16 20:30 <NR0Q> 203000 -15 0.5 696 ~ CQ WL7CG BP61 Alaska
08/16 20:30 <W8AKS> Wl7cg got it. Tu will upload directly
08/16 20:28 <K0TPP> you guys see that these guys are going to use ft8 https://vk9ma.com/
08/16 20:28 <KJ4DHF> good luck on that Alan
08/16 20:28 <KJ4DHF> ga Larry
08/16 20:27 <WL7CG> Now to see if it matches :)
08/16 20:27 <WL7CG> There you are.
08/16 20:26 <K0TPP> ga guys
08/16 20:26 <W8AKS> Wl7gc u are booming in here
08/16 20:25 <WL7CG> W8AKS - No, at least not so far.
08/16 20:22 <NR0Q> yeah my first Q since earlier this morning
08/16 20:20 <KJ4DHF> That what I hve in closet is sb 220 and a henry 2kD classic
08/16 20:19 <W8AKS> Nr0q I see the 7 working u but no copy here of u
08/16 20:16 <W8AKS> Wl7gc do u see w8ker on 2166. He be my neighbor
08/16 20:14 <NR0Q> feel like i might need an amp here. I don't think anyone is hearing me today on 20m.
08/16 20:13 <W8AKS> Wl7gc giving it all I got
08/16 20:12 <W8AKS> Kj4dhf this was sb229. Ship to mi wasn't too bad. Boxing heavy
08/16 20:12 <WL7CG> Pump up the squirrels there.
08/16 20:10 <W8AKS> Wl7gc calling
08/16 20:10 <KJ4DHF> I got 2 here I need to get rid of but they to heavy to shipp so got them parked in closet
08/16 20:08 <W8AKS> Kj4dhf oh, I thought u were talking last nite. Been on & off. Sold my amp and shipped it out
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