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01/16 22:54 <F1HMR> 73's all
01/16 22:49 <K4CMS> need mt ne ft8 40
01/16 22:15 <K6RRS> yeh sure is...
01/16 22:13 <K4CMS> k6rrs thanks dx is easier right now
01/16 22:11 <K6RRS> had to give it some more pwr but we got it done...nice job Larry!
01/16 22:08 <K4CMS> sending u report now
01/16 22:07 <K6RRS> Gotcha!
01/16 22:05 <K6RRS> I see everyone else is picking you up...lol
01/16 22:04 <K6RRS> calling you this time
01/16 22:04 <K6RRS> ok had to answer the door.. Trying again!
01/16 22:02 <K4CMS> no copy jim thanks for try,
01/16 21:58 <K6RRS> calling CQ again
01/16 21:58 <K4CMS> i am cq 902 , but watching for ur freq also
01/16 21:54 <K6RRS> Just made a contact with Colorado 756
01/16 21:51 <K4CMS> i do not see u
01/16 21:50 <K4CMS> ok just turned radio on 40
01/16 21:49 <K6RRS> 762
01/16 21:48 <K6RRS> Calling CQ now
01/16 21:46 <KD5JHE> ok jtalert 2.10.9 installed
01/16 21:46 <K6RRS> Give me a second and Ill tune up there and give you a shot
01/16 21:43 <K4CMS> k6rrs need 40 ft8 contact
01/16 21:38 <WA2HIP> I am back. 20m going long to west coast now. Lots of CA, WA & OR
01/16 21:37 <KD5JHE> In process of installing newest jtalert on the rig computer
01/16 21:36 <K6RRS> Good Grief... Hand not logged into EQSL in a while...had 204 contacts to confirm....lol
01/16 21:33 <KD5JHE> cold and 2" of snow here Jim
01/16 21:29 <N7ESU> How's it going Jerry?
01/16 21:26 <KD5JHE> hi Jim
01/16 21:22 <KD5JHE> Hi Larry, yep still cold
01/16 21:17 <K0TPP> ga guys
01/16 20:37 <KD5JHE> Went up to 17m, not much there
01/16 19:17 <W7PSK> everyone enjoy ... TTYL
01/16 19:09 <KD5JHE> hihi scotty, enjoy the day, I'm in no hurry to win any race, except this one, :), 73
01/16 19:07 <W7PSK> Well wife and I going out for the day, guess you will go ahead of me a bit Jerry as I wont be on the air. Maybe I should look into those Auto Scripts I keep hearing about :) :) :)
01/16 18:57 <KD5JHE> Har Har Scotty, was just going to mention that, I punch in various calls for kicks and thought it was funny we were that close,
01/16 18:55 <W7PSK> Good News is Im down to MT on15, ME on 30 and RI on 80 for FT8. Not gonna worry about 12/10 till springtime :)
01/16 18:54 <W7PSK> GM Jerry, Im trying to make a run of it, I saw your post from Yesterday, gonna make you work :)
01/16 18:52 <KD5JHE> gm scotty
01/16 18:52 <WL7CG> I use this for FT, JT and T10. https://www.jtdx.tech/
01/16 18:43 <K4CMS> need mt ne nv 40 ft8
01/16 18:43 <W7PSK> morning here for a few minutes
01/16 18:14 <YI1RZ> W2DX , ok , thanks :-)
01/16 18:13 <K6RRS> Good Morning all
01/16 18:12 <W2DX> YI1RZ Look for wsjtx
01/16 18:11 <W2DX> N4HID 5W at you.
01/16 18:09 <YI1RZ> Hello everybody , de YI1RZ , i am just asking about the mode JT-65 , is there any new version has published since 2013 ?
01/16 18:06 <W2DX> 180600 10 0.1 1257 ~ KB2AMY N4HID 73 blasting in here Ed
01/16 15:44 <N4HID> we have snow , 3 or more expected
01/16 15:39 <KD5JHE> I'm just putting around, watching it snow, abt inch and half on ground now
01/16 15:37 <N4HID> do not need anything but dx , do not see anthing i need
01/16 15:36 <N4HID> see u also
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