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06/23 13:36 <KD5JHE> well I'm back
06/23 11:35 <KN4OK> CUL Jerry 73
06/23 11:34 <KN4OK> If I would crank my tower up another 10 ft that would help as well
06/23 11:34 <KD5JHE> time to fly, cul dave,73
06/23 11:32 <KD5JHE> even with the 1to1, i'm tempted to flay with a coax choke to see any difference
06/23 11:32 <KN4OK> really 1 to 1?
06/23 11:32 <KN4OK> think I amdone with 40 this morning, going over to 20m
06/23 11:31 <KD5JHE> maybe so, mine is a 1to1, works great on single band wires, someother bands easy to tune up
06/23 11:30 <KN4OK> I think I will order another one
06/23 11:29 <KN4OK> well, I think my balun should have been a 6 to 1 not a 4 to 1, I think that is my problem with my ocf
06/23 11:28 <KN4OK> I see some great spots on hamspots but no decode here yet
06/23 11:28 <KD5JHE> think i might swap out my ocf for a g5rv, something about that ladder line i like
06/23 11:26 <KD5JHE> I'm happy my tv not making noise on 6m since the tv upgrade
06/23 11:25 <KD5JHE> i went back to 6m, still waiting on call, but have to take son to work in a few minutes
06/23 11:25 <KN4OK> don't see anything on 6
06/23 11:24 <KN4OK> I am going to 20m after this qso
06/23 11:23 <KN4OK> I am trying to work dx and get stateside calling me
06/23 11:21 <KN4OK> I am on my vertical right now
06/23 11:19 <KN4OK> my OCF acting funny this morning on 40m
06/23 11:19 <KN4OK> yes Jerry, Larry sent the money lol
06/23 11:17 <KD5JHE> well i see the site is back
06/23 11:06 <KN4OK> CUL Rob, Larry, nad Parker
06/23 11:05 <K0TPP> ok mabe i will too till stroms pass cul dave
06/23 11:05 <AB1NJ> going to watch the news cul
06/23 11:04 <KN4OK> I only have a small window for them to come in, but I am looking Rob
06/23 11:04 <K0TPP> looks like a few storms coming in from north cold front mite have to unplug for 30 min or so
06/23 11:03 <AB1NJ> you get any of them dave?
06/23 10:59 <KN4OK> I need this one too Thailand
06/23 10:56 <KN4OK> I still need China and Korea on 40m
06/23 10:55 <KN4OK> these guys always come in here strong on 40m
06/23 10:55 <K0TPP> ok back
06/23 10:55 <KN4OK> 1054 -12 4.6 1652 # CQ DX YD9DE OI71 !Indonesia
06/23 10:49 <KN4OK> looks like the page is back
06/23 10:45 <AB1NJ> wha'happened?
06/23 10:26 <KD5JHE> radar shows might get more in an hour or so
06/23 10:24 <KD5JHE> got a good hard rain last night
06/23 10:23 <K0TPP> going get coffee back in 15 min
06/23 10:22 <KN4OK> I am sure a lot of flooding in the state
06/23 10:22 <AB1NJ> yes saw it on tv
06/23 10:21 <KN4OK> about 90 miles and did a lot of damage
06/23 10:21 <K0TPP> all that rain went east of me
06/23 10:21 <AB1NJ> how far that from you?
06/23 10:20 <AB1NJ> dave i heard birmingham got a tornado?
06/23 10:20 <KD5JHE> very true but it could be done, psk rtty would work
06/23 10:20 <KN4OK> ya that bitch lol
06/23 10:19 <KN4OK> I think the gota runs psk31
06/23 10:19 <AB1NJ> you guys getting rain from Cindy?
06/23 10:19 <K0TPP> tuff to set up field day on jt65 i not going to work any field day station will take a extra seq for report like 1d mo
06/23 10:18 <KD5JHE> I dont do FD much since club moved the site to the fire station, too much hot concrete there
06/23 10:17 <KN4OK> still pouring down rain here and 73F
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