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10/29 17:03 <N6SPP> Thnx for the JOTA Q's on Oct21st... de W1AW/6.. Pacificon stn
10/21 16:48 <KG5LLP> Having a hard time making contact. Anyone willing to try a contact with Pack 190 in Southaven, MS
10/21 14:53 <W9TJK> 15m wide open to Europe - FYI
10/21 02:26 <N1KGY> North Raleigh, NC KF4BSA will be active 10a-2p/EST-SAT-21OCT on SSB, PSK/Digi, may also do CW. Will be on/near 7.190/14.290 for SSB, 7.080/14.070 for PSK 73
10/19 18:50 <W8MOP> East River ARC Bluefield W V will help with JOTA on Saturday 9amish from Bland Co Virginia at BSA Camp Roland during the Mt. Dominion Fall Camporee and JOTA. 3 hf rigs. Check http/:: www.camproland.com or http://www.erarc.com B
10/19 16:25 <W0WMM> Our JOTA station will be operational from 0800-1700 on Saturday for WoodSmoke Jamboree on the Chesapeake Bay. Special Event call is W3B. We will have 450+ Cub Scouts ready to QSO.
10/18 13:02 <KC9TFD> KC9TFD "Camp Olney" will be operating in Olney Illinois 9:30 am to 2:30 pm October 21st. Mainly HF SSB will also try V/U Simplex. These scouts are NEW to Jamboree and Ham Radio. Hope for many freindly contacts.
10/18 12:58 <K2PMT> I'm trying to drum up some interest from families in my pack so we can participate this year from Cub Scout Pack 607 in Holbrook, NY
10/17 18:15 <N9BWT> W9WWI ( Clark Co ARC) Will be on the air for JOTA from 8AM to 5PM Eastern Time. Located in Southern Indiana. Planning on using 20,40 meter, DMR (TG907) and Echolink (JOTA-365)
10/17 18:09 <WC8VOA> WC8VOA We will be operating from 1500z to 2000z on Saturday and Sunday.
10/17 17:42 <AG7GX> (located in Cedar Hills, Utah)
10/17 17:40 <AG7GX> Will be on 20 and/or 40 on 10/21 from 7 to 9 or 10 pm MDT for whatever scouts show up (it's Fall Break here) using my personal callsign AG7GX
10/17 17:24 <K7MVA> K7MVA will be active in Twin Falls Idaho all bands for JOTA Saturday 21 from10-2 mountain time At the Snake River Council
10/17 15:03 <W9TJK> W9TJK and K9BIZ Active for JOTA on Saturday 21 October 1400Z to 2100Z - Supporting Potawatomi Area Council HQ in Waukesha WI
10/16 19:05 <KG5LLP> Will be active Saturday 10/21 from 10A - 4P CDT as K5B from Southaven, MS for local Cub Scout Pack 190 on SSB 20 and 40 m.
10/13 20:48 <N5HYP> N5BSA will be active from 10A-2P CDT from NW Dallas in support of the STEM Scouts program. We will post and look for specific QSOs if we can. HF, DSTAR and local V/U with maybe DMR. More details as we get closer.
10/13 10:43 <KD9FRQ> I will be operting some on Saturday AM and then on and off the rest of the weekend. Only one Trop in my District signed up to visit my shack.
10/12 21:22 <KC8RJS> Operatimg as K8TKA at Camp Stambaugh in Canfield, OH. Will post freqs on twitter and facebook Sat all day.
10/12 20:12 <AB9GV> We'll try JOTA from the Calumet Council in Munster Indiana, part of Pathway to Adventure (PTAC) October 21st, 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM Chicago time, 73 de AB9GV
10/12 16:43 <KE8HJA> Greetings Everybody. Looking forward to JOTA
10/10 15:13 <NE4RD> Howdy all, just testing here. 73 de NE4RD
10/10 00:47 <AB9SX> AB9SX October 21
10/10 00:46 <AB9SX> AB9SX will be doing JOTA on October 20, 2017 from noon till 4pm - longer if prop and participation is good
10/09 21:15 <W2SSR> W2SSR will be on-the-air on Saturday 10/21/17 from 0900 -1500 ET and Sunday 10/22/2017 from 1100 - 1400 ET from Buffalo, NY on HF FT-8 or PSK-31 or SSB mostly 40M and 20M. W2SSR is the Schoellkopf Scout Reserve callsign from the Greater Niagara Frontier COuncil Boy Scouts of America
10/09 18:03 <WY1LIE> JOTA Activation 10/21/17 0830-1230 ET, Call:NJ2CN @ Camp No-Be-Bosco, NNJC RVD Camporee. GPS:41.055980, -74.948829. HF Phone and PSK. Contact WY1LIE to sched
10/09 17:59 <YO9KPJ> My personal call is YO9BXE.
10/09 17:59 <YO9KPJ> I'm in charge of YO9KPJ station in KN24RW. I have a kids team and we will be active 21 and 22.10.2017 in 20m wit call YO9KPJ.
09/26 01:12 <KC1HZA> Wonder if folks will be active on Echolink Sunday afternoon 1800 UTC to 2000 UTC that the only time I have avaible. or schould we just try for better scheduling next year...
09/25 14:38 <NY2MC> Just checking in from Glens Falls NY. We will be operating as W2C for JOTA Friday Saturday and Sunday morning.
09/21 20:35 <N3ZUL> Are there guidelines / objectives for this site? - I could see it being very useful to simply post your location, operating frequency, mode, troop number (perhaps) and intended operating time - just so people know where to find you...
09/21 20:34 <N3ZUL> No password required, apparently? That's nice - but could be problematic if a spammer wants to saturate the page during event weekend.
09/15 17:55 <KF4BSA> Just checking to see if this works! Follow us on Twitter @JOTA_Raleigh
09/15 15:54 <KD2E> w4qo That would be another room.
08/26 17:13 <W4QO> Testing. Checking in. I'm thinking this could be also a US Islands Chat Room as well since it is used infrequently.
08/17 23:51 <KD2E> Checking if still active.
08/13 20:33 <N6SPP> Hi
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