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03/20 21:42 <KG2LO> CQ Fists 7120+ Johnson Viking Adventurer at 25 watts.
03/20 21:35 <KG2LO> I am listening 7.1204 with a vintage rig using crystals. Receiver is Heath 1680.
03/20 21:18 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a ragchew? 7.058
03/20 17:59 <WI5H> QRP
03/18 02:34 <AC5SH> :)
03/18 02:19 <K5YQF> Sri; don't do facebook. CU on the bands. GL
03/16 15:49 <AC5SH> I mean the linked page of course :)
03/16 06:16 <AC5SH> This is not strictly CW or Fists but is intended as a place to discuss band conditions and encourage activity. Fists are welcome of course, both to learn and to elmer. It's a new group started just tonight to fill a specific need. If y'all will come click join and show the Fists flag and spirit, I think it will become a great place to promote CW and the club. 73 Tim, AC5SH https://m.facebook.com/groups/263629617398221?tsid=0.47448971884778635&source=typeahead
03/12 15:02 <K5YQF> Cumulative later today; don't forget the time change! Cecil
03/09 03:33 <K5YQF> Paul - Sri I missed ur post; guess I'd already headed for dinner. I'm trying to use this more when I'm on. CUL. 73 Cecil
03/09 00:42 <N6EV> Evening Cecil
03/08 04:11 <AC5SH> I did catch a few :) Work calls. Gotta go. 73 Tim, AC5SH
03/08 01:17 <AC5SH> QRV Ruskin, FL till 03:00 Z. Starting 3.558 Mhz then going to other Fists freqs if no joy. 73 Tim,AC5SH
03/06 18:22 <WI5H> CUL Tim. 73/72 Mike
03/06 18:22 <AC5SH> Candiggit. Lol
03/06 18:21 <WI5H> Typing on this android tablet is not my strong suit!
03/06 18:20 <WI5H> Wind gusmting 37 mph hr. To windy to work on antenna.
03/06 18:20 <AC5SH> I am working today but might get on air later. 73 Tim, AC5SH
03/06 18:18 <AC5SH> Hello Mike. Gud 2 C U here :)
03/06 18:15 <WI5H> WI5H either here or NAQCC sked page 14.056
03/04 14:57 <AC5SH> Ae y'all getting on this weekend?
02/27 18:50 <AC5SH> All familiar calls here, either from on air or Facebook or the like :) I'm glad to be in this great group. Hello all :) 73 Tim, AC5SH
02/26 21:29 <K4NE> AK4NY - Tnx Tom. -73-
02/26 20:38 <AK4NY> CQ FISTS 7058 de Tom
02/26 19:00 <AC5SH> Cumulatives Today! 20:00 to 22:00 Z. 73 and hope to C U there. Tim, AC5SH https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154723888750379&id=343464550378&fs=5
02/23 02:54 <AC5SH> Did I run everybody off?
02/20 13:14 <AC5SH> I did get on in the very tail end of GYFW yesterday, caught N2ESE there and a few afterwards :) 73 Tim,
02/20 12:51 <AC5SH> CW Tuesday all day tomorrow in Time Z. Yep, it starts tonight at 18:00 CST. Don't hear anyone? Throw out a CQ. One who wants fish must put his line in the water :) 73 Tim, AC5SH http://fistsna.org/operating.html#tuesday
02/16 05:35 <AK4NY> anyone awake at this hour? de Tom
02/14 23:19 <AF4K> NOVICE RIG ROUNDUP STARTS THIS FRIDAY EVENING!!! AT ØØØØ UTC... ALL CW 80m, 40m, 15m, 10m and 2m EVERYONE is invited!
02/12 22:14 <N6EV> 12 Cumulative QSOs, 9 Club, 3 non-club
02/12 20:23 <N6EV> Spot: KNOWCW/5 on 14.057.5 Mike, WI5H at the key
02/12 20:10 * N6EV CQ FISTS 21.058
02/12 15:56 <AK4NY> Cumulatives latter today - hope to cu on the air
02/11 18:23 <K4RLC> OK, I used to do mobile cw on the interstate when traffic was slow. Trfx never seems to be slow or sparse anymore.
02/10 22:29 <N6EV> K4RLC - Greetings Robert
02/10 22:20 <K4RLC> Tim - understand. Do you have a rig in your rig, hi?
02/10 18:57 <AC5SH> I hope folks will forgive me if I'm not actually here much. I'm an over the road truck driver and am often in areas with ZERO internet service. I also have quite a bunch of pages to watch and just can't be on them all, all the time, especially when on air or about to be. I DO get on air as much as I can though, and usually start out on 7.058 Mhz. Hope to CU there. 73 Tim, AC5SH
02/10 18:52 <AC5SH> Well, here we are. Thanks Jill :) 73 Tim, AC5SH
02/09 22:06 <W4RQ> Lonely here at the moment, but the new site looks pretty good.
02/09 16:57 <AK4NY> Anyone lurking around? de Tom
02/06 14:07 <N6EV> Have a good day there too. I'm going to check in here when I can. I'm sure we'll connect up on the air soon. 73! 'dit dit'
02/06 14:06 <AK4NY> N6EV - try to have a good day at work 73 de Tom
02/06 14:04 <N6EV> Good Morning Tom. Unfortunately no time to get on the air at the moment. I'm about to head out the door for work.
02/06 13:53 <AK4NY> anyone lurking available for a rag chew de Tom
02/06 13:53 <AK4NY> thank you for the FISTS page
02/05 22:01 <N6EV> Excellent! Glad to have the FISTS page back up!
02/05 21:18 <K4RLC> Jill, Thank you very much for the FISTs page. Bob K4RLC
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