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04/08 00:05 <WI5H> BBL
04/08 00:03 <WI5H> Listening 14.058
04/07 15:17 <WI5H> W1AW 539 deep QSB W TX
04/07 15:14 <KA5VZG> W1AW 599 into W. TN on 14.058
04/07 14:55 <WI5H> W1AW abt 429 at my QTH
04/07 14:54 <WI5H> Cody KC2LSD operating W1AW 14.058
04/07 02:09 <WI5H> Congratulations to Cody
04/06 20:41 <AC5SH> Heads up! Cody, KC2LSD, a Fists board member and the KN0WCW Manager will be operating W1AW at ARRL HQ tomorrow around 10 AM EDT/ 14:00UTC. Cody will be using W1AW's Fists number for this operation and will be on for only an hour or so. He will be around the Fists calling frequencies, .058 etc but we don't yet know which bands he will use. Catch him if you can. BTW, the occasion of his visit is to his 160 meter DXCC award and an endorsement for 300 DXCC mixed mode. Be sure to congratulate him on air if you work him. 73 Tim, AC5SH
03/26 20:58 <WI5H> Hope all had a good time, 73 Mike
03/26 19:51 <N6EV> WI5H - Mike, thanks for the Cumulative QSO. Will look for you again. 73
03/26 19:29 <WI5H> SPOT...F6HKA FISTS Member in FRA on 14.056 with good sig into TX
03/26 18:24 <AC5SH> Here is Graham,G3ZOD's Facebook note about it: The next 2017 session of the FISTS Americas Cumulatives http://fistsna.org/fc is on Sunday 26 March 1900-2100 UTC (*Note* the change in times!). This is a relaxed activity with minimum 5 minute QSOs. Even if you don't want to send an entry in - and we hope you will - you can come along for some friendly QSOs and perhaps earn points towards FISTS Awards. The Cumulatives run on the 2nd and 4th Sundays throughout 2017. QSOs must be at least 5 minutes long and on 80m, 40m, or 20m. Exchange: RST, name, QTH or state, and member number (if applicable). Calling "CQ FISTS" is recommended. Don't forget to log QSO end times! Vibroplex "Bug" Keys will be awarded to 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place operators at the end of the year! Be sure to send in your logs! NOTE: FISTS CW Club Officers are NOT eligible for key prizes. See the full details on the website http://fistsna.org/fc
03/26 18:23 <AC5SH> Tnx Mike. I will try to be on for this.
03/26 17:40 <WI5H> fistsna.org/fc for details
03/26 17:39 <WI5H> Cumulatives today @ 1900 UTC
03/25 12:32 <K4RLC> In South Carolina this weekend. Will be on air after yard work. Bob K4RLC
03/23 22:40 <KG2LO> Well, had a short qso with K4KBL, Jerry in GA.
03/23 22:21 <KG2LO> CQ 7114. EF Johnson Adventurer.
03/23 21:02 <WI5H> Have to run now...hope to be on 14.058 again tomorrow or later tonight.
03/23 21:01 <WI5H> Called CQJ and had nice chat with Ron KX5C in Silsbee, TX
03/20 23:01 <K5YQF> Tnx Roland for QSO. I hear SA coming in now. Next time I want to hear that drunken parakeet on 7058! hi hi
03/20 22:15 <KG2LO> K5YQF ok on my way back there.
03/20 22:14 <K5YQF> Just saw the message; i'm trying 7120
03/20 21:56 <KG2LO> I have a 7058 xtal but it chirps like a drunken parakeet. I'll give it a try anyway.... :)
03/20 21:42 <KG2LO> CQ Fists 7120+ Johnson Viking Adventurer at 25 watts.
03/20 21:35 <KG2LO> I am listening 7.1204 with a vintage rig using crystals. Receiver is Heath 1680.
03/20 21:18 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a ragchew? 7.058
03/20 17:59 <WI5H> QRP
03/18 02:34 <AC5SH> :)
03/18 02:19 <K5YQF> Sri; don't do facebook. CU on the bands. GL
03/16 15:49 <AC5SH> I mean the linked page of course :)
03/16 06:16 <AC5SH> This is not strictly CW or Fists but is intended as a place to discuss band conditions and encourage activity. Fists are welcome of course, both to learn and to elmer. It's a new group started just tonight to fill a specific need. If y'all will come click join and show the Fists flag and spirit, I think it will become a great place to promote CW and the club. 73 Tim, AC5SH https://m.facebook.com/groups/263629617398221?tsid=0.47448971884778635&source=typeahead
03/12 15:02 <K5YQF> Cumulative later today; don't forget the time change! Cecil
03/09 03:33 <K5YQF> Paul - Sri I missed ur post; guess I'd already headed for dinner. I'm trying to use this more when I'm on. CUL. 73 Cecil
03/09 00:42 <N6EV> Evening Cecil
03/08 04:11 <AC5SH> I did catch a few :) Work calls. Gotta go. 73 Tim, AC5SH
03/08 01:17 <AC5SH> QRV Ruskin, FL till 03:00 Z. Starting 3.558 Mhz then going to other Fists freqs if no joy. 73 Tim,AC5SH
03/06 18:22 <WI5H> CUL Tim. 73/72 Mike
03/06 18:22 <AC5SH> Candiggit. Lol
03/06 18:21 <WI5H> Typing on this android tablet is not my strong suit!
03/06 18:20 <WI5H> Wind gusmting 37 mph hr. To windy to work on antenna.
03/06 18:20 <AC5SH> I am working today but might get on air later. 73 Tim, AC5SH
03/06 18:18 <AC5SH> Hello Mike. Gud 2 C U here :)
03/06 18:15 <WI5H> WI5H either here or NAQCC sked page 14.056
03/04 14:57 <AC5SH> Ae y'all getting on this weekend?
02/27 18:50 <AC5SH> All familiar calls here, either from on air or Facebook or the like :) I'm glad to be in this great group. Hello all :) 73 Tim, AC5SH
02/26 21:29 <K4NE> AK4NY - Tnx Tom. -73-
02/26 20:38 <AK4NY> CQ FISTS 7058 de Tom
02/26 19:00 <AC5SH> Cumulatives Today! 20:00 to 22:00 Z. 73 and hope to C U there. Tim, AC5SH https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154723888750379&id=343464550378&fs=5
02/23 02:54 <AC5SH> Did I run everybody off?
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