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11/26 20:35 <AK4NY> WI5H - how are condx at your end of the world - things are tough here poor prop and lots of QRM
11/26 20:00 <WI5H> as KN0WCW/5 2000-2200 UTC FC
11/26 19:42 <AK4NY> cumulatives today, but might be tough with big contest going on - will be on 40 de Tom
11/24 17:47 <WI5H> lunch, BBL
11/24 16:59 <WI5H> 20 meters roaming
11/23 02:07 <WI5H> K5YQF Sorry I missed you Cecil. Maybe next time.
11/20 22:53 <K5YQF> WI5H: Hey Mike, I'm looking for ragchew on 80 meters. Available?
11/20 13:16 <JA3UMK> I am an apprentice, monitoring at 7,028.5khz at 16wpm . Is there any who could work me. please let me know on this forum.
11/20 00:14 <K5YQF> qrt; cul
11/19 22:18 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a QSO/ragchew? Name a frequency. PM me.
11/19 14:43 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a QSO/ragchew? Listening 40M.
11/19 06:45 <AF4K> Hello all - AF4K
11/12 20:17 <K5YQF> Operating Fists Cumulative 40 and 20 meters today.
11/12 19:53 <AK4NY> I will be working the cumulatives starting on 20M and moving to 40M if ur SKCC also I am V21 and an S hope to CU on the air 73 de Tom
11/12 19:51 <WI5H> as KN0WCW/5 2000-2200 UTC
11/12 19:50 <WI5H> FISTS Cumulatives 2000-2200 UTC Today
11/09 22:21 <K5YQF> Same here; tnx and CUL later
11/09 21:54 <KB5SXC> I'm at 7.059
11/09 21:51 <KB5SXC> Where on 40?
11/09 21:46 <KB5SXC> trip to the big city of sherman took a bit longer than I thought
11/09 20:43 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Leo, I'm listening on 40 now if you'd like to try a QSO? Cecil
11/09 19:10 <KB5SXC> I'll try and be back in a hour or so
11/08 23:07 <WI5H> QRT
11/08 23:01 <WI5H> k5yqf 73/72 cul ..
11/08 22:14 <WI5H> K5YQF listening to U on 7.058
11/08 21:43 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Leo, you still around? Cecil
11/08 19:29 <KB5SXC> hi
11/08 15:25 <KB5SXC> 8nov17
11/08 00:54 <KB5SXC> k5yqf Cecil I've been catching up on chores, I try and check the board around 9am to 10am lcl after feeding critters and cleaning up, and then in the evening around 10pm to 11pm before turning in
11/07 16:39 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Leo, I have sked on 80m at 3540 at 1100 today. Listen for me and give a call towards the end. Cecil
11/04 21:35 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Leo, I'm trying 30 m now. We could try 80 if you'd like to try a QSO? Cecil
11/04 04:07 <KB5SXC> Ding II
11/02 16:37 <KB5SXC> Ding
10/31 03:03 <KB5SXC> K5YQF Cecil what are the times CDT or CST that You might be monitoring the Airwaves?
10/30 22:09 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Leo, I'm listening on 40 and 80 now if you'd like to try a QSO? Cecil
10/30 03:18 <KB5SXC> K5YQF sri I missed You, I've been playing wid the S9 43 trying to get the 80m loading coil running FB. just now got to the page today 73 will keep trying
10/28 17:07 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Loe, I'll be around this afternoon if you'd like to sked a QSO? Cecil
10/25 22:53 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a QSO/ragchew? 7.056
10/25 15:22 <KB5SXC> k5yqf that would be great, depends on weather as to which antenna is up, It's a 40m Hamstik today, supposed to have 30mph winds tomorrow with higher gusts, after that passes, I'll go up on the roof and raise the S9 43ft vert. that is currently laying on the ridge of the roof. I am retired and have flexible hours, only demands on my time is being a doorman at the Cathouse.
10/24 21:17 <K5YQF> KB5SXC - Usually 3 to 4 times a week. Pretty quiet at my country QTH so we should be able to work 40m or 80m depending time of day. Sked would be great - bug practice welcome! Cecil
10/24 19:04 <KB5SXC> I'll drop by daily, and I only have a Yaesu FT-817 to use.
10/24 19:02 <KB5SXC> I am curious, just how often do You check out this Page. I am looking for a QRP tolerant sked to practice/relearn my Bug.
10/22 22:32 <KG7E> (K5YQF) Thanks for the FC QSO today Cecil. Nice loud sig into Idaho, and your bug fist is excellent.
10/22 18:58 <K5YQF> Operating Fists Cumulative 40 and 20 meters today.
10/22 18:24 <WI5H> as KN0WCW/5 1900-2100
10/22 18:23 <WI5H> FISTS Cumulatives today 1900-2100 UTC
10/20 02:34 <KG7E> Looking for FISTS QSOs....40 or 20 meters.
10/17 21:45 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a QSO/ragchew? 7.058
10/15 21:57 <K5YQF> Any one around for Fists QSO and ragchew?
10/14 17:33 <K5YQF> Operating Fists Sprint 40 and 20 meters today.
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