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02/06 14:07 <N6EV> Have a good day there too. I'm going to check in here when I can. I'm sure we'll connect up on the air soon. 73! 'dit dit'
02/06 14:06 <AK4NY> N6EV - try to have a good day at work 73 de Tom
02/06 14:04 <N6EV> Good Morning Tom. Unfortunately no time to get on the air at the moment. I'm about to head out the door for work.
02/06 13:53 <AK4NY> anyone lurking available for a rag chew de Tom
02/06 13:53 <AK4NY> thank you for the FISTS page
02/05 22:01 <N6EV> Excellent! Glad to have the FISTS page back up!
02/05 21:18 <K4RLC> Jill, Thank you very much for the FISTs page. Bob K4RLC
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