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08/13 14:46 <WI5H> ------------------------------------------------
08/13 14:45 <WI5H> as KN0WCW/5 1900-2100 Cumulatives
08/13 03:24 <WI5H> -----------------------------------------------
08/08 18:32 <K7WXW> 10.120 QRP and QRS. still learning...
08/04 17:03 <N2ADP> Need South Dakota Fist For Fist CW Certificate
08/03 00:23 <WI5H> 14.0604 QRP
08/02 21:19 <K5YQF> Any one around for Fists QSO and ragchew?
08/02 08:46 <JA3UMK> Listening out for QRS signal at 7,0285Khz I am an apprentice.
08/01 15:13 <K5YQF> Maybe later
08/01 14:36 <K5YQF> Any one around for Fists Tuesday QSO and ragchew?
07/23 20:33 <WI5H> KN0WCW/5 QRT Thunderstorms
07/23 18:56 <WI5H> KN0WCW/5 will be operational 1900-2100 UTC as able for FISTS Cumulatives. I have small scattered thunderstorms in the area.
07/20 11:45 <JA3UMK> Listening out for on 7,0285 at QRSS I'm apprentice !
07/17 11:03 <JH2HTQ> Now QRV 7028 for West Coast and OC HR 10W DP
07/09 20:36 <WI5H> KN0WCW/5 QRT be back next Cumulatives Sunday
07/09 18:44 <WI5H> FISTS Cumulatives today 1900-2100 UTC as KN0WCW/5
06/27 16:20 <K5YQF> Looking for any Fists; on 20M but can try other bands.
06/25 21:00 <WI5H> kn0wcw/5 qrt
06/25 20:25 <WI5H> 20 meters looking for Fists members KN0WCW/5
06/25 20:17 <K5YQF> listening on 7.058 for u; I'm in Killeen TX
06/25 20:13 <WI5H> 7.058 as KN0WCW/5
06/25 19:40 <WI5H> Worked just 1 so far....
06/25 19:04 <WI5H> kn0wcw/5 cq fists 14.059
06/25 02:05 <WI5H> I will be operating the FISTSNA Callsign KN0WCW as KN0WCW/5. A contact with KN0WCW/5 will be worth 8 points in the FISTS Cumulatives event.
06/25 01:57 <WI5H> FISTS Cumulatives today 1900 - 2100 UTC.
05/28 18:59 <K5YQF> CQ Fists Cumulative 14.058 and up
05/28 13:02 <AC5SH> Cumulatives today 19:00-21:00 Z. http://fistsna.org/operating.html#fc
05/27 19:01 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a ragchew? 10.113
05/26 15:00 <WI5H> Any FISTS around for a QSO?
05/19 16:25 <WI5H> Ten meters open TX to WI...BBL
05/19 16:00 <WI5H> Working KA9SXH on 28.050
05/18 14:09 <K5YQF> Any fists around for a ragchew? 7.058
05/14 17:25 <AC5SH> I am missing our on air events this weekend due to work. I am working my way over to Dayton/ Xenia for the Hamvention though and hope to see many of our members there. We are planning a great time representing the club and hope to bring in many new members as well as seeing old friends. 73 Tim, AC5SH
05/14 17:24 <AC5SH> Copy and paste if it won't click.
05/14 17:23 <AC5SH> https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10154938409475379&id=343464550378&fs=5
05/14 17:23 <AC5SH> Link for Cumukatives info.
05/14 17:22 <AC5SH> @ K4RLC there was a Sprint yesterdayn Cumulatives today
05/14 17:22 <AC5SH> Rgr Mike.
05/13 17:26 <K4RLC> Is there a Sprint this afternoon?
05/13 01:57 <WI5H> Hi Tim, thanks for the info on Cody in Columbia. I will try to work him. CUL, Mike
05/12 14:57 <AC5SH> Cody, KC2LSD as HK3/KC2LSD Cody will be operating this Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 12 - 14 from Bogota Columbia. His call is HK3/KC2LSD and he should be on between 19:00 and 02:00 UTC 20 and 40 meters plus or minus the FISTS calling frequency’s.  Cody asked me to post this for him. Catch him if you can. 73 Tim, AC5SH
05/12 14:57 <AC5SH> Hi Mike. Sorry I missed you. I am working my way over to Dayton. Did you catch any? 73 Tim, AC5SH
05/10 14:05 <WI5H> FISTS coffee cup in hand. Anyone around?
05/06 15:50 <AC5SH> Slow Sprint Today! From Graham G3ZOD's Fbook post. The FISTS CW Club Americas Spring Slow Speed Sprint http://fistsna.org/sprint (max. 13 wpm) takes place on Saturday 6 May 1700-2100 UTC on 80m, 40m, 20m, 15m & 10m. Call "CQ FS". The exchange includes: RST, U.S. state or Canadian province or DXCC country, first name, FISTS member number. Non-members send their power output in Watts instead of a member number. Members worldwide are invited to participate.
05/02 02:56 <WI5H> N5B Special event station celebrating 200 years of Baton Rouge is on 7.057 OP is Dana AD5VC a FISTS member
04/30 18:53 <KJ6PEH> cq fists 14.058 practice pse qrs
04/26 03:10 <N7WI> Anyone here from South Dakota? I need a CW QSO to complete the TPA
04/25 03:43 <WI5H> Back tomorrow
04/25 03:20 <WI5H> roaming
04/25 03:06 <WI5H> 1.808
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