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03/16 12:42 <NT1K> Looking for HI on Digi Avail after 21z. Please E-mail NT1K@NT1K.com - Much appreciated (Just two left)
03/11 03:23 <W9NED> Calling JT65 on 160 from Indiana
03/09 04:39 <KM4IY> I'm looking for ND on 80 meter JT65
03/09 03:22 <W5ENU> Anyone needs MN 80 - 10 JT65 and JT9 avail most times, retired..
03/09 03:20 <W5ENU> I am looking for ND all bands except 40 JT65 for JT65 and JT9, no rush just looking. Thanks.
02/18 16:06 <W4RQ> I need a sked JT65 with South Dakota Please. Rich.W4RQ@GMAIL.COM
02/14 00:30 <KA1ULN> anyone want a qso with MA any mode
02/09 19:39 <KI4EZL> Howdy folks
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