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12/20 06:12 <N9JCA> Read about people having probs with refresh Went thru all the Sections NO probs I'm using FIREFOX 57.0.1 on LINUX LMDE
08/13 19:50 <N6SPP> Hi!
06/04 16:09 <IT9ESW> IT9ESW Why are I looking for the status of wyoming in rtty for my calling frequency now 14090
05/17 04:28 <WA2HIP> May I suggest another category here for DIGITAL VOICE. BTW thanks for keeping this board/resource up and running!!
05/12 03:39 <N8FQ> K0JV: Has anyone else expressed any interest in having one here?
04/26 17:56 <W2GKG> I'm happy to help with implementation of both
04/26 17:56 <W2GKG> N8FQ - Can I request SSL and ability to use longer, more complex passwords?
04/23 22:09 <N5PHT> It is ok here to ask if some states are on?
04/22 19:16 <N8FQ> KF2T NE6I: done
04/21 02:11 <NE6I> KF2T that sounds like a good idea, George. In the meantime, there is one at the ON4KST site: http://www.on4kst.com/chat/start.php although I can't tell how active it is.
04/19 01:48 <KF2T> Is there interest in a real-time satellite QSO page?
04/08 16:11 <NE6I> PT7ZZ the LOTW board has users mostly on JT65 and JT9. They will be happy to help you with any questions.
04/08 11:51 <KN4OK> all good with everything. Thanks N8FQ for the new board!
04/07 15:02 <PT7ZZ> BTW, N8FQ, thanks for this great service. Regards
04/07 15:01 <PT7ZZ> Hi guys, don't know if is possible, but, since JT65 & JT9 its a little complex than others digital modes, and with others frequencies, if the crew agree, would like to see a specific boarder for ... thanks all. 73
04/03 10:41 <N5OSK> Hasan you here ?
04/03 10:32 <N5OSK> Gm All
04/01 22:38 <AB1NJ> it should be http://n8fq.org/sked/index.php?board=lotw ....without the "www"
04/01 22:37 <AB1NJ> for anyone having trouble on this site with refresh, be sure to take the "www" out of the url/bookmark. Larry K0TPP figured that out!
04/01 14:54 <K2CYS> i tried posting on the LoTW page after signing in but my post is not showing
03/30 13:42 <NK7Z> N8FQ THANKS for taking this over...
03/30 13:41 <NK7Z> Refresh is working fine in Chrome, latest version.
03/28 14:11 <NE6I> WN4NRR refresh works fine for me with Safari on my iPhone
03/28 10:46 <WN4NRR> The refresh works fine in Firefox... not so much with Apple Safari.
03/28 10:43 <WN4NRR> Yes GM
03/27 16:08 <AB1NJ> Hello, is anyone out there? Many still having issues with the refresh.
03/26 11:13 <KD5JHE> rr
03/26 11:13 <KG2S> I see the flash, but then it stops and the refresh goes away. Back to the LoTW page...
03/26 11:12 <KD5JHE> I see n8fq has been on here earlier, lets hope they aware of the problem
03/26 11:10 <KD5JHE> rr
03/26 11:09 <KG2S> I am seeing the exact behavior on multiple browsers (Chrome and IE).
03/26 10:57 <AB1NJ> after the refresh period passes, you don't see any new posts also after the refresh period you lose highlighted posts and the little X's on your posts (to delete)
03/26 10:14 <KD5JHE> Dave had that problem also
03/26 00:55 <VA3XOV> When I get a Refresh, another window opens, and the one I had opened first, freezes. I have the Refresh set to 30. Any ideas? Thanks
03/25 05:46 <N1EVK> I've been having troule loading this page. I have to refresh it several times before the whole page shows up.
03/20 20:47 <KN4OK> here is what I found out: I put the refresh setting back to 30 and my problem went away
03/18 19:58 <WA2HIP> N8FQ - THANK YOU ! For keeping this valuable resource alive !!!
03/17 02:26 <NE6I> KC2MBV but leaving this board for another and then coming back clears that issue.
03/17 02:26 <NE6I> KC2MBV confirmed here too on this board.
03/17 02:25 <NE6I> KN4OK and W2NRA not seeing either of those things here.
03/16 03:51 <KC2MBV> Possible bug: Click on the link to go back 50 posts and then click on Next 50 posts (to go back to where you were) and it reloads all of the frames into the center frame as if there's a NOFRAMES tag.
03/15 23:25 <W2NRA> The pages are not setting up right. No list of users on the right. No way to sign back in. .
03/15 22:28 <KN4OK> my auto refesh is not acting correctly and the page wants to change colors until I do a refresh page, then the colors come right back
03/14 04:52 <NE6I> N7XR which board are you asking about. The LOTW/eQSL board already does what you are asking for.
03/12 02:52 <N7XR> Thank you!
03/11 22:28 <N7XR> Can you add the ability to see what state and countries are signed in? Like K3UK board had.
02/25 03:05 <AA9DL> Make it so when you scroll over a callsign, you can see the SKCC, FISTS, and NAQCC #'s.
02/23 13:30 <KQ2RP> Flying Pigs board? QRPARCI board?
02/23 13:08 <KQ2RP> Suggestion - list or cluster 'like' groups together (one after the other)- SKCC, FISTS, NAQCC in a row
02/23 13:06 <KQ2RP> Scouting backgroud stripe should be changed for more contrast/easier readability
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