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Welcome K3UK sked page users! See any bugs, or want a new board? Post on the Development page.
03/26 00:55 <VA3XOV> When I get a Refresh, another window opens, and the one I had opened first, freezes. I have the Refresh set to 30. Any ideas? Thanks
03/25 05:46 <N1EVK> I've been having troule loading this page. I have to refresh it several times before the whole page shows up.
03/20 20:47 <KN4OK> here is what I found out: I put the refresh setting back to 30 and my problem went away
03/18 20:27 <W2GKG> N8FQ - Can I request SSL and ability to use longer, more complex passwords?
03/18 20:27 <W2GKG> I'm happy to help with implementation of both
03/18 20:26 <W2GKG> N8FQ - Can I request SSL and ability to use longer, more complex passwords?
03/18 19:58 <WA2HIP> N8FQ - THANK YOU ! For keeping this valuable resource alive !!!
03/17 02:26 <NE6I> KC2MBV but leaving this board for another and then coming back clears that issue.
03/17 02:26 <NE6I> KC2MBV confirmed here too on this board.
03/17 02:25 <NE6I> KN4OK and W2NRA not seeing either of those things here.
03/16 03:51 <KC2MBV> Possible bug: Click on the link to go back 50 posts and then click on Next 50 posts (to go back to where you were) and it reloads all of the frames into the center frame as if there's a NOFRAMES tag.
03/15 23:25 <W2NRA> The pages are not setting up right. No list of users on the right. No way to sign back in. .
03/15 22:28 <KN4OK> my auto refesh is not acting correctly and the page wants to change colors until I do a refresh page, then the colors come right back
03/14 04:52 <NE6I> N7XR which board are you asking about. The LOTW/eQSL board already does what you are asking for.
03/12 02:52 <N7XR> Thank you!
03/11 22:28 <N7XR> Can you add the ability to see what state and countries are signed in? Like K3UK board had.
02/25 03:05 <AA9DL> Make it so when you scroll over a callsign, you can see the SKCC, FISTS, and NAQCC #'s.
02/23 13:30 <KQ2RP> Flying Pigs board? QRPARCI board?
02/23 13:08 <KQ2RP> Suggestion - list or cluster 'like' groups together (one after the other)- SKCC, FISTS, NAQCC in a row
02/23 13:06 <KQ2RP> Scouting backgroud stripe should be changed for more contrast/easier readability
02/23 03:09 <N8FQ> WB1HGA: fixed
02/22 17:27 <WB1HGA> scan block does not work. cannot open in my iphone sez "unable to load page"
02/20 04:14 <K7DD> CQing on 7.114 is anyone around?
02/20 03:01 <WA2JSG> Jill, just received an email from the president of NAQCC: Hi Curt, Please pass my thanks on to N8FQ. I'll be sure to publicize this in the next newsletter. 73, Paul - N8XMS
02/19 18:24 <WA2JSG> Thanks.. I'll tell the club.
02/19 15:10 <N8FQ> WA2JSG: done
02/18 21:19 <WA2JSG> Would like to see a page for the NAQCC QRP people if possible.
02/17 04:18 <N8FQ> AI0F: when you hover over someone's callsign on the SKCC chat page here, the SKCC number will be shown. It is only shown on that page to reduce clutter in the info popup.
02/17 04:16 <N8FQ> K5MP: just copy each of the four color codes from the color scheme you want (i.e. the one from the Images page) into the matching fields for the page you want to change (i.e. the SKCC one), then click "save" at the bottom. The next time you load the page, the new colors will be in effect.
02/16 01:12 <AF4K> Hello - Can you please post a notice at the top of every CW GROUP page, like NRR.... NOVICE RIG ROUNDUP COMING SOON FEB 18thy - 26th. See: NoviceRigRoundup.com - or post a link.
02/15 19:37 <K5MP> I saw an earlier post indicating we can edit/modify our screen colors to personal preference. I went to the Profile page, then on the Colors page I saw the color schemes for each category. I would like to try the scheme used by teh "Images" user group but I fail to see how to affect that change for my in the SKCC user group. What am I missing? de Mike in s. fla
02/15 13:39 <K5MP> OUCH! Don't mean to be negative, but as a person with the most-common Color Blindness symtom (i.e. Red/Green), I have extreme difficulty reading on either a red or green background. While I realize it is easy to declare the K3UK screen is better merely due to our familiararity, I will be first of those with low vision issues to say the K3UK screen colors work best. I look forward to a screen scheme I can read. Thanks.
02/15 01:09 <AI0F> N8FQ - Hi Jill! Got the color thing figured out! Cannot thank you enough for this page, it's awesome!! Not knocking the "other" option, but it makes me go blind just looking at it :( I hope you can keep this up and running for a long time :) I noticed that even though I put in my SKCC# and other info, it does not show anywhere except in the profile?? I assume that is because this is not the "official" SKCC site?? Well, IT SHOULD BE!!! Tnx again :)
02/15 00:33 <AI0F> N8FQ - How do change colors?? This green and yellow is causing me to go blind!
02/13 11:29 <AF4K> N8FQ - thanks! I forgot that. LOVE your web pages!
02/11 19:37 <N8FQ> K7LOL: added an Images board
02/11 19:34 <N8FQ> AF4K: you can customize board colors on the profile page
02/11 12:01 <AF4K> K4RTE - I think we can easily add the NRR number next to our name - Like: SAM 100
02/11 12:00 <AF4K> Can you please change the text colors to BLACK background and blue letters on http://n8fq.org/sked/index.php?board=skcc
02/11 10:51 <AF4K> Good morning all!
02/10 23:51 <K7LOL> Image modes board would be swell. NSSTV, SSTV, ATV, DRM, PSQ inclusive. Used to use the narrow SSTV board at the old location.
02/10 18:51 <AC5SH> Thanks for adding the Fists group back. There was much consternation when it went away. 73 Tim, AC5SH / Fists Americas President
02/10 18:49 <AC5SH> Hello Jill
02/10 11:29 <AA4TG> Very nice board. Thanks Jill.
02/09 20:42 <N6EV> These observations on a Samsung S7 Edge phone (android)
02/09 20:41 <N6EV> 4) the status entry box and set button do not appear on the mobile version.
02/09 20:35 <N6EV> 3) the "users on now" list at the bottom of the mobile version include all of the info in each users profile (the info that appears when you cursor hover over a callsign). Recommend just showing the callsigns, with info expansion when you click on a call.
02/09 20:31 <N6EV> 2) the away / back link does not appear in the top mobile version menu.
02/09 20:30 <N6EV> 1) the mobile version does not appear to auto refresh like the desktop site. Manual refresh button does work though.
02/09 20:29 <N6EV> Jill, here is some feedback on the mobile version of the page...
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