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11/22 02:48 <VA7ADI> K4SFC Just go ahead and make a qso with whatever you have handy. Nobody will reject you just because you are not using a straight key. The members of SKCC club are very nice people :)
11/22 01:25 <K4SFC> hearing op's calling "CQ SKS" I checked the SKCC site and to participate, one must be using a straight key, or the like. I've jut finished the CWA level 1 tng...can I answer those calls even though I'm using paddles?
11/16 12:10 <WB7DKZ> Test complete and successful!
11/15 01:28 <AC4BT> I'm listening on 7036 for anyone wanting a QSO but I hear many DX stations working split. Will try going up the band a bit
11/13 19:40 <N0SMX> Ill be checking here often. I need lots of slow practice.... Hope to give it a go....
11/12 18:33 <AC4BT> I'll be on this evening at 0100z and listening on around 7.035 for QSOs
11/12 03:29 <AC4BT> John, Outstanding making your first CW QSO!! That's great. I had three cw contacts tonight from the East Coast and I also wrked Shetland Islands, who had a nice signal on 40m. Keep getting on the Bands, there are plenty of West Coast stations out there waiting to work you on CW!
11/12 03:08 <VE7JBT> Hello Jerry AC4BT - I've been listening on 7.048.50 but not hearing anything. I was sending CQ for a bit before 7 PM PST but wasn't getting picked up by and RBN skimmers. But you know what, I'm still pretty happy. I made my first CW QSO earlier this afternoon with the special events station on USS Hornet - for Veteran's Day (Remembrance Day up here in Canada). That was with 5w and my short wire. They're down in San Francisco Bay area, so that's pretty good. The operator worked hard to copy my signal, and I worked even harder to send him code that didn't have too many mistakes - hihi Look forward to working you some other time. 73 DE VE7JBT - John
11/12 03:03 <AC4BT> John, nothing heard on 7.048.50 but digital signals. Hopefully someone from PST area will see your msg and offer to have a local QSO... Jerry AC4BT
11/11 20:27 <AC4BT> John, it will be interesting to see. you can tell me whether you can hear me at all. I'll start with about 400w. I worked a few stations from CA last night around the same time. I believe they were using 100w... Jerry
11/11 14:53 <VE7JBT> Jerry - AC4BT - Hello and thank you for response. I'm on the west coast, so probably not much chance that you'll hear me with my 5w station. No RBN CW skimmers picking me up that far away. But I'll call CQ on 7.048.50 at that time and hope you can hear me. I'm in an HOA so no antennas permitted - I'm using my basic 26' wire from a dual binding post adaptor which works reasonably well when I'm up on a mountain, but not that satisfactory here in the valley bottom, hihi. Look forward to hearing you this evening - tnx es 73 de VE7JBT - John
11/11 14:44 <AC4BT> John - VE7JBT, I'm in the Washington, DC area but am willing to try a QSO with you in CA this evening 10:00 EST (7:00 PST). I'll check back in at that time tonight. Jerry AC4BT
11/11 14:23 <VE7JBT> Calling CQ DE VE7JBT on 7.048.50 with KX3 and 5w into a 26 ft endfed wire. I've been spotted on RBN down as far as California and Utah. So far no response. Anyone want to try a QSO with a recent Level 1 CWA graduate? tnx es 73 de VE7JBT
11/10 01:21 <AC4BT> Geralk, tnx for the call. You were hard to hear at abt 529 with QSB but I did cpy your report of 579. Hope to get you when the condx are better... jerry
11/10 01:04 <AC4BT> listening on 7.036 for qso
11/09 00:58 <WA3AER> Ron, VE3FXX, I'm on 80M now
11/08 21:08 <KD2FSH> Please let me know the freq and time and i will be there and want to thank KK5NA for all the help on Level 3 great teacher and good elmer. God Bless
11/08 21:04 <KD2FSH> I will be around tomorrow for any QSO on 40 meters, just finish Level 3 and ready to go. Please let me know.
11/08 16:17 <VE7JBT> Any stations close to west coast - I'm in southern BC, Canada and would like to practise my CW skills. I'm QRP into an indoor loop. RBN picks up my CQ down as far as Arizona and Utah
11/08 01:52 <AC4BT> I'll try and get in here on Tuesday evenings more. I've been working several stations on 7.037. I'm hoping as more and more people us this Sked page the 7.030 - 7.040 freqs will be full of cw signals. Many stations out there wanting to have a nice qso
11/07 20:09 <AC4BT> Just had two QSOs on 7.028.50, one was with a CWA student.. lots of fun!
11/07 19:52 <G0MGM> Hope to see you all on the CWT tomorrow.
11/07 19:45 <GW0ETF> I still have sessions this week and will let them know about this.....
11/07 18:47 <ZS1C> test, seems to be working fb!
11/07 17:35 <AA8TA> I’ll forward this to my students.
11/07 17:16 <AC4BT> I'll advertise this page , from now on, to everyone that signs up for a CWA class.
11/07 17:14 <AC4BT> We will need to get the word out to the cwa students. Even though the semester just ended, perhaps the Advisors could send an email to their students alerting them to this Sked page. When we start the new semester in January, we'll advertise this regularly to our classes.
11/07 16:34 <WB7DKZ> Testing...testing. This is amazing, thanks Jerry!
11/07 16:17 <K6RB> I will be QRV tonight at 0100Z around 7.035 MHz calling CQ CWA. I will be around for an hour or so making QSOs. I will operate at your comfort speed.
11/07 14:20 <AC4BT> Available for QSO, anyone around?
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