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02/18 03:00 <PZ5JW> someone in for a chat in cw?
02/17 09:39 <SV2BBK> Anyone available on 40m or 20 m for QSO around 25wpm
02/12 21:00 <GM0EUL> See you tomorrow lads.
02/12 20:58 <GM0EUL> Well done Roger MI0WWB! Excellent qso!
02/12 20:36 <GM0EUL> cq cwa on 3524 about 14 wpm
02/12 20:29 <MI0WWB> Good QSO tonight David M0WDD
02/12 20:01 <M0WDD> UK L1 clas, apols for another change, now 3512
02/12 19:59 <M0WDD> UK L1 class calling at 20:00 on 3554 and not 3556
02/12 19:51 <M0WDD> UK L1 class sked at 20:00 UTC, will call cq cq cq cwa de m0wdd on 3556
02/10 10:43 <MI0WWB> Anyone for slow cw on 3.555?
02/07 20:06 <M0WDD> UK L1 class practice now on 7011
02/07 19:36 <M0WDD> UK CW Academy Level 1 class, practice session for class sked, on 3556 at 20:00 utc
02/06 16:43 <KA0AAM> Folks, there is a week long event called the NRR, Novice Rig roundup. There are hundreds of us using Novice rigs of Yesterday, Please make contacts with us! This starts First Friday in March and goes for 9 days! [x]
01/31 20:03 <MI0WWB> Listening on 3.558
01/31 19:24 <NA1VT> Anyone around for practice 7.045?
01/31 12:58 <VA7QCE> Just thought I should mention that Yahoo posts take a bit of time for it to actually "surface" , It works for me, I just didn't know it takes time!
01/30 23:23 <VA7QCE> I just wanted to Thank Mike AA6MK for posting the question on call signs on the Yahoo Group re: Level 1 Session 7 and everyone who participated in responding. I tried to reply and send my post twice but had problems.
01/30 21:50 <VE6JF> L2 student QRV on or about 14.030 for cw practice
01/29 14:19 <SV2BBK> Ok David, poor condx, maybe later or another day, cu, 73
01/29 14:18 <M0WDD> sorry but i think ur signal deep in noise for me; tryied to call u but got rapid code from someone: I gues I'll give up this time, but I do appreciate you trying and hope to contact you on another day. 73 David
01/29 14:16 <SV2BBK> Calling u now but no response
01/29 14:13 <M0WDD> ok
01/29 14:11 <SV2BBK> Will call u on 7034
01/29 14:09 <M0WDD> now calling u on 7.02850
01/29 14:08 <M0WDD> sending qrl?
01/29 14:07 <M0WDD> sorry will try 7.02850
01/29 14:05 <M0WDD> got some rapid code in reply
01/29 14:03 <M0WDD> now calling u
01/29 14:03 <M0WDD> sending a few dits
01/29 14:02 <M0WDD> going to 7.028
01/29 14:02 <M0WDD> freq in use i think; moving to 7.024.50
01/29 14:01 <SV2BBK> No copy David, very busy can you qsy higher ?
01/29 14:00 <M0WDD> Theo am calling you now on 7.027 from David M0WDD
01/29 13:57 <M0WDD> Hi Theofanis, correction to second freq; will try on 7.024.50 if first choice of 7027.00 no contact or busy; David M0WDD
01/29 13:38 <M0WDD> thankyou Theofanis SV2BBK will try calling you at 14:00 on 7.027.00; if no contact will try on 7.026.50 at 14:10 73 David M0WDD
01/29 11:13 <SV2BBK> David - M0WDD , I will be on 40m Monday 29 Jan around 14:00 Z onwards,if condx permitting we can have a QSO. My QTH is Thessaloniki.
01/28 19:10 <M0WDD> am CW student on L1 in UK, any kind person available to help me with slow QSO (around 12wpm) 4Øm tomorrow Monday 29 Jan 14:ØØ UTC onwards? QTH is Salford UK, thank you
01/21 20:13 <MI0WWB> Anyone available for slow cw on 3.555?
01/19 19:39 <SV2BBK> Available on 40 m for a QSO
01/19 19:31 <MI0WWB> currently on 3.55850 for slow CW
01/19 17:32 <VE6JF> Hello all. L2 student QRV on or about 14.030 for cw practice
01/19 10:25 <GM0EUL> I'm around for a bit on and off, mostly skcc on 20 and 40m, if anyone wants any cw practice. You don't have to use a straight key.
01/18 00:36 <K6HP> While be in and out watching for about next hour....anyone wanting some CW practice, we can try on 20m or 40m
01/17 00:14 <K6HP> QRV on 20m for CW...
01/16 18:17 <W2OZB> oh. your gone, disregard, I am coming in broken and stupid. sri
01/16 18:17 <W2OZB> I will try but think my poor dipole may not have what it takes
01/16 11:21 <GM0EUL> I'm on 14048 doing some reasonably slow straight key cw if anyone's interested- Peter (CWA advisor)
01/13 20:21 <SV2BBK> Anyone on 40m for a possible QSO ?
01/11 02:15 <W3PNM> Calling CQ on 7.051
01/09 23:00 <AC4BT> I'll be on 40 Meters at 0100 UTC (8:00pm EST) if anyone wants to have a QSO. I'll be around 7.035 calling CQ
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