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10/09 16:57 <CN8CE> Hi to all scouts radioamateurs fm radioscouts Morocco
09/19 23:55 <KD9VN> just getting back after 20 yrs . retired now and need on air practice. 12 to 13 WPM
09/06 23:41 <KA0AAM> Looking for Someone who wants to improve their CW. . .looking for someone around 30 to 35 WPM
08/26 16:55 <AG5M> My CW getting rusty again, would also like a CW buddy. 40, 30, 20-meters daytime. I'm in EWA.
08/19 15:01 <KI4UYA> Getting back into CW after a 5 year lay off. Would like to find a CW buddy to work with.
08/18 15:47 <KA1ULN> me too.... i need practice
08/08 22:28 <W0FVR> I'd be willing to work with you, Dave. Send me a PM since I don't frequent this part of the site!!
08/07 16:08 <K6WDE> Just saw this site from the NAQCC newsleter, anxious to find a buddy to practice with, K6WDE, Dave!
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